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Hollywood Nightclubs: The Vogue and the Fox...

It was great that the Fox Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. (the old Iris) finally got a tenant to bring it back into life. I had heard there wasn't much of architectural interest left after many remodelings and use as a warehouse for years by Mann Theatres.  I wanted a look anyway.

My first stop was lunch at the restaurant in the lobby. After buying an overpriced (but huge) veggie burger (and tipping well) I figured my chances would be good when I asked for a look into the auditorium area. The kind waitress obliged and I got let into the club portion of the building [Playhouse Hollywood].  Alas there isn't anything of historic interest left.

But in case you are also curious about the transformation, the Fox Theatre page now has some interior photos. The top photo here is of the enlarged mezzanine area where the booth once was.

I also visited the the Vogue Theatre and documented a bit of the interior transformation into Supperclub at the Vogue, scheduled to open later in 2010. Several guys at the sidewalk were digging a bottomless hole looking for old water pipes, the main floor was a pile of dirt as risers were being installed, and upstairs was a maze of old features and new construction.

The general manager, Jerry Garcia was kind enough to chat about the work going on and his quest to determine what features were historic. Our Vogue page has a few photos from the visit. The lower photo you see here is of the sidewall in the auditorium at the Vogue. You can click on either photo to enlarge, or head to the pages linked for these two theatres for more photos.

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