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The Roxie and Cameo

I ran across this great photo yesterday while, of course, looking for something completely different. I have no idea what archive it's from but it's a nice shot of the Cameo and Roxie.

Note that the Roxie is still using their original milk glass letters. Something with Kay Francis seems to be playing but I can't make out the title.

Any idea what archive this comes from? The photo appears as on a 2007 post in a Jalopy Journal forum, "History of Los Angeles."

See the Downtown Theatres pages for more on the Roxie and Cameo.

Scott Santoro suggests in a comment to this post that the top line on the end of the Roxie marquee might read L (for Leslie) Howard. That would put us in 1934 with the film "British Agent." He notes that Mr. Howard was billed above Ms. Francis for the film.


  1. It might say L Howard above Kay Francis in which case the movie is British Agent, 1934. Leslie did get billed above her.

  2. Thanks for the detective work, Scott.

    I put your comment on the Roxie Theatre page.