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Vanished Theatres in Bad Movies

Well, I watched these two so you won't have to. "Unwed Mother" and "Too Soon To Love" were recommended by several Cinema Treasures contributors for scenes showing some vanished Los Angeles theatres.

In the 1959 Universal-International release "Too Soon To Love," we get Jennifer West and Richard Evans on Main Street. They're looking for an abortionist. They do a drive-by that shows the now demolished Banner Theatre at 458 S. Main St.

A nice surprise was that we also get a walk by the Galway at 514 S. Main. This one is also long gone, although the building it was in still survives. It's just up the block from where the Nickel Diner now is. The photo shown here is of the Galway - running "Girlesk" -- not a live show but some early nudie loops. As the banner says, it's "on the screen."

For more, see the listings for these two theatres on the Main Street Theatres page.

It turns out that the other half of the disc I got from Netflix was "Unwed Mother." In this great 1958 Allied Artists epic we get Robert Vaughn crossing the street to the Oriental Theatre on Sunset Blvd. to do a holdup. He's apparently living beyond his means. Too many girlfriends is part of the problem.

We see the cashier hitting the button on the floor of the boxoffice to summon the police. It doesn't go well. The car won't start and he gets caught. See the Oriental Theatre page for two thrilling shots from the film.

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