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Hollywood and Vine 1946: The Admiral Theatre

The photo here is from Tom Wetzel's wonderful Hollywood Blvd. Line Tour. It's part of a great set he did about the Pacific Electric Red Car lines. Here we get a view of the marquee of the Admiral Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. just west of Vine.

The Admiral later gets renamed the Vine. The Vine Theatre page just got an update with a couple of new items added. But still no interior views. Have you seen any anywhere?

This theatre shouldn't be confused with several that were actually on Vine St. such as the Montalban (Wilkes' Vine St., Vine St. Theatre) and the Linwood Dunn (ABC Vine St. Theatre).

Last time I looked, the Vine was for rent after a brief fling as the home of Laserium. Has anyone been by lately?

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