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A New View of the Ritz

Well, that was a bad attempt at a pun. The Ritz in Hollywood was at one time known as the New-View. It was previously a newsreel theatre called the News-View and when they went to regular features, they just dropped the "S" and re-arranged the sign a bit to make it the New-View.

Check out the page on the Ritz Theatre for several views of the building including a 1990 shot by Gary Graver.

The photo here (as the News-View) is one of two I added last week after finding them deep in the photo archives of the glorious Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles. This one is from the Brian McCray collection. Click on it to go to a somewhat larger view.

The problem with the Ritz is that I've never seen the interior.

Your mission (if you choose to accept): Go to a Sunday church service there with a camera and report back with some interior photos.

Your reward: Photos will posted on the Ritz Theatre web page. Fame and fortune will result. You'll receive accolades from near and far. Good luck.

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