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Sawtelle Explorations

Does anyone have Sawtelle figured out? This westside area just east of Santa Monica was a separate town until 1922.

I spent a day a couple of months ago trying to figure out where the National and Crown Theatres were. The National was on 4th St. -- which is perhaps the present Sawtelle Blvd. but I'm still unsure.

It looks like all the streets had several names over the years. They were big on Civil War names for awhile with the Veteran's home nearby. And don't even talk about street number changes.

The view here is a postcard of, I think, the Crown Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd. from the site See the Crown Theatre page I've done for a link to a full size view -- as well as my other research so far.

Later theatres in the Sawtelle area include the Royal (formerly the Tivoli) and the Nuart -- both still running as that rare phenonemena -- single screen theatres.

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