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At The Chinese: Imprinting the Beard and Much More!

Not content with hands and feet, Monty Woolley is putting the impression of his beard in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 1943.

It's a view from Cezar Del Valle -- click on it to check out a larger view.

It's down at the bottom of the right column of my Grauman's Chinese Theatre page in a new "hands and feet" department that has links to many other items in Cezar's collection.

Also there is a nice 1927 view of Gloria Swanson from Vintage Los Angeles. Note also a couple of links below it to other Vintage Los Angeles items that I've come across recently.

Other new items on the page in the last several weeks include a 1947 look east along the street from "Remapping Hollywould." Note that I've now got the street views in the right hand column arranged by date.

And have you seen the 1956 and 1957 views from Vintage Los Angeles? Also see some links added to additional interior views.

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