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The Warner Bros. Hollywood

Thanks to Brian McCray for this charming postcard with an image from 1928. Above the marquee we get "See and Hear Vitaphone" and playing is "My Man" with Fanny Brice. Brian's collection of 400+ Hollywood postcards was on Picasa until Google decided to "retire" the program.

Brian McCray's great card from 1935 has the Warner running "G Men." Note the vertical sign for the radio station on the corner of the building.

Here's the "G Men" card again but retouched to give us a brighter day and fluffier clouds. It's a version from the California State Library collection.

If you want the scene to be on the gloomier side, check out the variation from Card Cow.  Similar to Brian McCray's version but printed on a different color stock.

Another fine card from Brian's collection is this one showing the Warner running "The Invisible Man Returns," a 1940 release.

Another take on the card above appears on Photos of Los Angeles. Here we've lost the border and it's not printed on yellow stock.

A different version of the 1940 card appears in Elizabeth Fuller's Old Los Angeles Postcards collection on Flickr. Thanks, Elizabeth!   Although based on the same photo, note that the signage on the buildings on the right differs. Among other things, here we don't get the signage just above the streetlight for the dentist.  But we get added signage for "Paris Fashions" on the far right.

A version of the card appearing on Photos of Los Angeles with different coloring.

A look down the street with the Warner running "Cinerama Holiday" in 1956.  That's the Iris (later renamed the Fox Theatre) on the right.  It's a card from the now-vanished website Yesterday L.A. 

Another card from Yesterday LA. We're at the premiere for "Back Street" with Susan Hayward and John Gavin. Note that the Cinerama signage has been temporarily removed. Cinerama would return to the house in August, 1962.

A 1962 postcard view taken during the 28 week run of "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm." It's on the In Cinerama website's Warner page curated by Roland Lataille.

Head to our Warner Bros. Hollywood street view timeline for exterior photos of the theatre organized by year.

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