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The Follies Theatre in Living Color!

Did you catch this one that Kenneth McIntyre added last week on that hotspot Vintage Los Angeles?

You can click on the image to get to the full size version on Facebook. We're looking north on Main St. in 1973 or 1974 -- perhaps looking at a car going the wrong direction on a one way street.

I added it to my page on the Follies Theatre and it makes everything else on the page look drab. Except for a hand tinted postcard of the building's facade in its days as the Belasco, everything else is black and white.

Of course, the 1901 version of the building looked totally different. It got a moderne re-do -- perhaps by S. Charles Lee. At least there are some totally charming interior photos that I link to that are from the S. Charles Lee Archive.

So it's great to see a color view. It almost makes me want to watch the movie. "Uptown Saturday Night," that is.

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