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The Galway Theatre in the Movies - 1979

Don Solosan made me do it. Well, he at least suggested that I watch "The Clonus Horror" (1979) for a trip down Main Street.

I hate to tell you that the movie is not wonderful. But we did go to Main Street and get a walk by the Galway Theatre at 514 S. Main.

Our hero is trying to escape from a cult of evil scientists trying to clone politicians so they don't have any term limits.

Yup, that's the Galway in the photo here as is was in 1979. I've celebrated his great cinematic event by starting a separate page for the Galway Theatre. Check it out.

I wanted lots of room for photos of any other film roles the theatre has had that I haven't seen yet. Let's do a Galway film feastival. We could start with a double bill of "Clonus" and "Too Young To Love."

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