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Take the Train to the Tower!

This shot instantly became my favorite Pasadena photo.
And I've been looking at hundreds this week.

We're looking east on Colorado Blvd. between Raymond and Arroyo Parkway. Yes, that's where the tracks were -- now underground at this point. A few blocks farther south, the right of way is still used (on the surface) for light rail.

Check out the Tower Theatre behind the locomotive. It's 1938 or so and we can go see Wallace Beery in "Slave Ship" -- I'm sure it's one of his all time greats.

This amazing photo is from the Los Angeles Public Library collection. A click on it will get you to a full size view on the Library's website.

In addition to the Tower, you'll find many other new listings on the Pasadena Theatres page. I've been working.

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