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A Teardown For The Four Star/Oasis Theatre on Wilshire?

It's not news that the Four Star Theatre was on the market.  What was news to me was that it had been sold. An e-mail this week from one of our interested readers noted that the word was out that a sale had taken place.  A bit of digging revealed that the sale was old news.

The theatre was actually sold in October 2012 with a leaseback provision that allowed the former owner, the Oasis Christian Church, to continue using the building for up to 8 months while their new property was being renovated. PRWeb had a November 2012 story on the sale.

The questions now are: Who is the new owner? What's going to happen?

Our correspondent suggests maybe a tear-down is possible and he believes those are the plans: "there aren't really any other suitable uses for that theater, and there's no parking for it. The Burger King next door may also be torn down (I've heard for a long time that they're trying to get out of there). That area of town has been transformed quite a bit, with a BMW dealership and an upscale apartment complex so it's likely whoever bought it is going to build something on that land that meshes the new neighbors."

The building was put on the market in mid-2012. Since 2001 it had been used by the church.  In 2007 it was renamed the Oasis Theatre and was available for rentals, with church services on Sundays. 

The former storefront space had been renovated into a warren of classrooms and meeting spaces. Among other uses, the building's many rooms were for a time serving as classrooms for a charter school.

The theatre opened in the early 30s as the United Artists, managed for the circuit by Fox West Coast. It was a Walker and Eisen design similar to other UA houses of the period in Pasadena, Inglewood and Long Beach. I've got more photos on the Wilshire Theatres website. See the Four Star page. The interior view above is one I took in 2010.

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