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Big Plans for the Tower, State, Los Angeles and Palace Theatres

Well, the application was filed weeks ago but it's now coming up for a hearing. The Delijani family is moving into action to get use permits and a combined liquor license for their sprawling "theatre complex" with venues separated by several blocks. The grand plan is moving a bit closer with a hearing set for June 6 where the owners will ask for various approvals for the complex undertaking.

It's largely speculative at this time depending on whether the owners themselves eventually operate all the spaces or get other bar/event space/restaurant operators involved. But the point is to get it all permitted for whatever combination of uses evolves. 

In the photo above, a 2012 view by Hunter Kerhart, we're looking south in the 600 block of Broadway at two of the venues involved, the Los Angeles and the Palace. The State is down there on the right at 7th St. with the Tower a block farther down at 8th & Broadway.

In the April 2013 application printed in the L.A. Times the uses envisioned are for alcoholic beverages in all sorts of different locations in each building with many areas in each operating independently. They're asking for permits for possible 24 hour operation (but drinks stopping at 2 am).

Tower Theatre:
 --  The main 20,730 s.f. theatre itself including basement, lobby, balcony lobby, and balcony would have a maximum occupancy of 1,152 (or 540 seated). Possibly the main floor would be a  3,607 s.f. dance floor area instead of seating.
-- A second 1,349 s.f. bar and lounge area fronting on 8th St. with a covered patio (i.e. with the existing marquee as the cover). Some of the 66 seats would be within the building line and some on the sidewalk area.

State Theatre:
-- The present lease to the church group runs 3 more years. But the basement spaces could be redeveloped sooner as they may function independently. The Delijanis envision up to 4 separate venues. The auditorium, lobbies and part of the basement could be a venue with a maximum occupancy of 2,818 people or 2,487 seats. Maybe as is with theatre seating. Maybe with a dance floor as the main floor and seats removed.  The current seating in the auditorium is about 2,404.
--  A second basement bar and lounge with a DJ entertainment might have 202 seats and a 250 s.f. dance floor. It's not known if this would be in the former cafeteria space or not.
-- Another basement bar and lounge is a possibility with 96 seats and a 335 s.f. dance floor.
-- A third basement bar with DJ, 159 seats and a 460 s.f. dance floor.

Los Angeles Theatre:
-- It's such a great building with warren of spaces that they envision the possibility of 6 spaces running more or less independently. The main theatre space would get permitted for a 2,281 s.f. dance floor in the main basement lounge. All the associated spaces would give them an occupancy of 2,877 people or 2,674 seats. The auditorium by itself has around 2,100 seats.
-- Venue #2 would be a ground floor bar and lounge in one of the retail spaces with (are you ready?) video games and ping pong tables.  It would have 85 seats including seating on a sidewalk area patio.
-- Venue #3 would be another ground floor bar and lounge -- presumably in the other of the two retail spaces flanking the theatre entrance. This one would get live entertainment, 114 seats and again a sidewalk patio.
-- Venue #4 would be a 3 level space with ground level area (part of the north retail space is presumed) but also the 2nd floor area above and (bravo!) a rooftop patio. Again live entertainment. 378 seats including 21 on a sidewalk patio.
-- Venue #5 would be a ground floor restaurant (again in some of that to-be subdivided retail space), bar and lounge. Also possibly with live entertainment. Here it's 153 seats including 22 on the sidewalk patio.
-- Venue #6 would be a 2nd floor nightclub atop the south retail space with a ground level entrance off St. Vincent Court. It would have a 375 s.f. dance floor, live entertainment, 158 seats including 58 on a covered outdoor balcony.

Palace Theatre:
-- 3 separate venues are intended including the theatre itself. Including both balconies they'd get a total occupancy of 2,052 people or 1,653 seats. The main floor and 1st balcony as currently used seat about 900.  The 2nd floor of the office building (adjacent to the 1st balcony) could get a 581 s.f dance floor.
-- Palace venue #2 would be a ground floor restaurant, lounge and bar in one of the retail spaces. The Delijanis anticipate live entertainment in a space seating 116 including 24 in a sidewalk patio area.
-- Palace venue #3 would be a ground floor and basement restaurant (also possibly with live entertainment) having 143 seats including 12 on a 267 s.f. sidewalk patio area.

See Richard Guzman' comprehensive May 28, 2013 L.A. Downtown News story for his take on all this.

See our pages on the Los Angeles, Palace, State and Tower theatres for lots more data about these amazing buildings -- and hundreds of photos.

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