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Last Two Sundays To Explore The Warner Hollywood

June 23 and June 30 are your last opportunities to explore the Warner Bros. Hollywood, 6433 Hollywood Blvd.

The church that has been a tenant, Ecclesia Hollywood, is being forced to leave at the end of the month.  Sunday services are at 9:30 and 11:15. It's a friendly group -- don't be fearful.

My advice -- go early while they're setting up and rehearsing the band. Walk around the lobby and down the house left side aisle and you'll find yourself backstage.

It's a treat. Don't miss it!  You could even try sneaking upstairs.  The photo is a pre-opening 1928 view from the Los Angeles Public Library.  Click on it for a full size view.

What's next? Who knows. Perhaps there's an imminent project that Pacific Theatres has conjured up. Perhaps it just gets locked up tight.  Has it been sold? We'll see.

For more about this 2,700 seat 1928 vintage theatre see the hundreds of photos on the web pages I've done. A good place to start is the Warner auditorium page.


  1. My name is Kevin Miller and I oversee hospitality at Ecclesia. I'd like to echo this invitation to come and experience the Pacific before its doors are shut. Come find me in the lobby and I'll point out some little known fun facts about the theatre. Ask anyone with a green name badge for Kevin. We brew FREE LaMill coffee and do indeed specialize in being a "friendly bunch!"
    As you'll see the detail was the name of the game when they were designing the theatre. My wife and I are such huge fans we were married in the lobby under its decorative chandeliers! If you like old theatres this is a MUST SEE!

    I'd like to caution you (and the author of this post) against exploring the closed sections. The back stage is not safe for tours and the upstairs was closed for public convening but the city of LA so we could all get into trouble if someone is up there. Please, stay in the open areas of the building. :)

    That being said, I honestly hope you get to see the Pacific in its current state before they close its doors. I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Thanks, Kevin --
    For your generous offer of hospitality. Whenever I've visited it's been obvious that the group loves the building, is making great use of it and has been a terrific tenant. It's sad that Ecclesia has to leave. I hope you'll get some visitors during the final weeks who appreciate the historic building as much as you do. Thanks for offering such a kind welcome.

  3. Totally! Please come by and say "hi." I'd love to geek out with you before it's too late!

  4. Thanks, Kevin!
    I've added our invitation to a post on my Facebook page as well. I hope you'll see some interested visitors. And I hope your temporary new home works out well. -- Bill Counter

  5. Also, can't take pictures. What a shame as it is a LA landmark

    1. See my web pages, Tara. I took lots over several leisurely visits.

    2. As Anonymous said, we were told in very short order that photos were not allowed. I'm sorry, first we were asked if we were there for the services and when we said no, the "host" informed us that it was not a tourist attraction and we were not allowed to take photos (as per the church). Not sure why that rule doesn't apply to everyone, but I think I have a good idea.

    3. When taking photos of a theatre that is in use as a church, I try to be inconspicuous. And I never ask first. Hope you liked the building and found it worthwhile to check it out.

  6. What a disappointment. One minute after entering the building, looking around, and snapping a photo of the chandeliers, a man in a suit informed us that "this is not a tourists attraction", his words, and that photos were not allowed by the church. We then were tailed as we looked around the rest of the lobby like a couple of teenagers who were suspected of shoplifting; we even SAW the first man blatantly point us out to another member of the church who in turn took to "keeping an eye on us".
    Wondering how this was ever deemed "a friendly group". Glad they are being forced to relocate, they do not deserve to hold meetings in such a beautiful place.

  7. Sorry, Anonymous, that you had a bad time at the Warner. I was able, on several visits, to take over 200 photos. See my web pages for what you may have missed. But I'm glad you got in for a look -- the future of the building is unknown.