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"Blade Runner" Director's Cut at the Bing on July 27

Here's another chance to see this iconic Los Angeles adventure on the big screen. It'll be at LACMA's Bing Theatre on Saturday, July 27th at 7:20 pm.

We're almost there. It's set in 2019. The LACMA website notes: "Ridley Scott’s iconic vision of the Los Angeles of tomorrow, adapted from a Philip K. Dick novel originally set in the Bay Area,  remains a sci-fi standard-bearer of post-apocalyptic urban imagination. In 2019, Los Angeles is a congested nocturnal city bathed in acid rain and neon. Private eye Deckard (Harrison Ford) is on the trail of four escaped “replicants”—dangerous super-strong androids who have all the intelligence of human beings but no moral compass.

His search takes him to the seediest of corners of this desperate, dystopian megalopolis. A pitch-perfect noir recast in a volatile techno-future accentuated by the darkly ethereal synth score of Vangelis, Blade Runner boldly reimagines Los Angeles locations including the Bradbury Building, Union Station, and the Ennis House."

The photo here is a view of the Million Dollar Theatre as seen in the film. We're looking out the doors of the Bradbury Building across the street -- with a little fanciful augmentation of the columns by the production designer.  Curious about the theatre? Explore our extensive Million Dollar web pages.

Check out the month's LACMA film calendar on their website. There's also a "Blade Runner" page with details of this screening. It's $10, with $7 tickets for students and seniors. It'll be in 35mm. What's the place look like? Here's a photo from their website's Film Programs page:

See our Wilshire Theatres page on the Bing Theatre for more information.


  1. I'm so there for this! Thanks for the heads up.

    1. You're welcome! Hope you have a great time.