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The Carthay Circle Theatre

The Carthay Circle opened in 1925, a project of West Coast Theatres and a real estate developer promoting his new subdivision south of Wilshire near Beverly Hills.  The theatre, seen here in a Mott Studio photo from the California State Library, was designed by Dwight Gibbs. The Carthay, always a classy venue for premieres, got its proscenium gutted for a big TODD-AO screen in 1956. National General Corporation, the successor to Fox West Coast, tore it down in 1969 for an office building on the site. Many more views of the building are on our Carthay Circle page.

Also by Dwight Gibbs:
Mesa Theatre, Costa Mesa (1948)
Vagabond Theatre, 2511 Wilshire (1950) -- Gibbs did the conversion of the 1926 legit venue Masque Theatre (Morgan, Walls & Clements) into a movie theatre. It was later known as the Hayworth.

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