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Theatre News Stories of 2014

This was fun tracking the theatre news of 2014. You'll find more recent articles posted on the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page. And if you miss the regular posts, they will be archived for a time in a news and events album there on Facebook where you can page through them. They'll also be linked on the web pages for those theatres mentioned.


November 2014 - Curbed - "How the Evolution of L.A.'s Broadway Traces the Life of the City"

November 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "Regent's Rocking Return" - Eddie Kim recounts the saga of producer Mitchell Frank getting Main Street's 100 year old theatre back in action.  The photo looking in toward the proscenium is by Gary Leonard.
| our page on the Regent |

November 2014 - LAist - "The Guy Behind The Echo Transforms Historic Downtown Theater Into A Cool New Venue" - more on the Regent

November 2014 - L.A. Times - "Downtown L.A. 's Regent Theater finally opens tonight"

November 2014 - Curbed LA - "The Historic Core Gets Its Echo With Regent Theater Reopening"

September 2014 - L.A. Curbed - "A Handy and Lovely Guide To Broadway's Historic Movie Palaces" - USC Planning, Policy and Development student Taylor Vaughn has done a graphic showing all the marquees with the use of each theatre on them.  Click on it for the full view.

September 2014 - L.A. Times - "Saving California's history sweetened with a tax break" - an editorial advocating support for tax credits for rehab of historic buildings.  The photo with the article (seen it before?) was of the United Artists, the same view used for a June article.

September 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "Take a Look at Broadway's New Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover"

August 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "Alamo Drafthouse Deal in Place For The Bloc on Seventh Street" - The complex will have about nine screens. Not at 4th & Main as proposed several years ago -- that went nowhere. Wayne Ratkovich scored the company as a tenant for his Bloc complex at 7th & Flower. Opening in 2015.  The rendering of the new look for the complex is from the Ratkovich Company.
| an Alamo story from Brigham Yen
| the L.A. Times story about the project |

July 2014 - Ian Wood on Vimeo - "Downtown Los Angeles" - A stunning exploration of downtown's theatres and other historic buildings captured by Ian Wood using remote controlled drones having the look of "a mutant chicken." And not all from high above -- he's swooping down to street level for many shots. The photo is the top of the United Artists. Four minutes and forty five seconds of wonder. Not to be missed.
| on Vimeo |
| with a Brigham Young story |
| with a Kevin Roderick story |
| our UA/Ace Hotel web pages |

July 2014 - Slate - "America's Vanishing Historic Movie Theatres" - The article by David Rosenberg profiles various theatres across the country using photographs by Stephanie Klavens. The Palace downtown and the Alex in Glendale are those featured from the Los Angeles area. That's the Palace proscenium in the photo.
| our pages on the Palace |
| our page on the Alex |

 June 2014 - Orange County Register - "Many L.A. movie palaces again ready for closeup" - Paul Hodgins takes a look at the downtown theatre district's history with lots of help from L.A. theatre historian Ed Kelsey. There's are also 20 photos from various sources. The look up into the Million Dollar ceiling dome seen here is by OC Register photographer Ed Crisostomo.

June 2014 - L.A. Times - "Visiting an iPic Theatre and considering moviegoing's past, future" - Kenneth Turan muses about current filmgoing experiences and offers hope for the grandeur of the past to return, at least to a few venues. The United Artists photo is by Al Seib.
| our UA/Ace web pages |

June 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "See the Globe Theatre's Marquee Lit for First Time in Decades" - The event was chronicled by Neal Broverman.The event photo was by lasofty on Instagram.
| our pages on the Globe Theatre |
| event photos on our Facebook page |

June 2014 - ABC 7 - "Globe Theatre Marquee on Broadway Relit" - It's a report about the June 24 marquee relighting ceremony at the Globe.

June 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "First Show Announced For Revived Regent Theatre"  It looks like the Regent will be back in business as a club, concert venue and restaurant at least by October 16. Final work is being completed on the building. It's a Gary Leonard photo.
| our page on the Regent |

June 2014 - L.A. Magazine - "We Love DTLA" The cover feature goes wandering through "five intersections" with the Tower getting a small mention. Their map has Hill and Spring Streets but omits Broadway!
| 9th & Broadway article |
| DTLA timeline |

June 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "How the Ace Hotel Empire Engineered Broadway's Speedy Yuppification" discusses the strategy that has brought an influx of trendy new businesses into the area around the hotel.
| our UA/Ace web pages |

June 2014 - L.A. Weekly - "How Ace Hotel is the Invisible Hand..." All about Jonathan Schley of Tungsten Property, an Ace partner, who has brought the big upscale retailers to 9th & Broadway.

June 2014 - Downtown L.A. News - "With L.A. Film Fest It's 'Action' in Downtown"  The festival, June 11-19, bases most of its events at L.A. Live.
| Festival website |

 June 2014 - L.A. Times - "L.A. Conservancy chief rolls film on efforts to preserve past" Carol Crotta talks with Conservancy head Linda Dishman about the "Last Remaining Seats" series and the state of historic preservation in Los Angeles. The United Artists photo is by Spencer Lowell for the Times.
| the UA/Ace web pages |

June 2014 - L.A. Times - "Sundance Next Fest to Head for Ace Hotel..." The 2014 festival runs August 7-10.
| the UA/Ace web pages |

June 2014 - Brigham Yen - "The Beginning of the End For The Jewelry District..." Brigham discusses the 7th & Hill intersection as a crucial bridge between Broadway and points west. The former Foreman & Clark building on the SW corner will go from a jewelry center to lofts, retail and restaurants. He suggests the Warner Theatre across the street should be next.
| our pages on the Warner |

May 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "On the Eve of Rebirth: 101 Years of Broadway's Globe Theatre" - Neal Broverman chronicles the history of the venerable theatre.
| 6/24 marquee relighting - event on Facebook |
| our pages on the Globe Theatre |

May 2014 -  L.A. Downtown News - "Restored Globe Theatre Marquee To Be Illuminated" June 24 is the date for the relighting ceremony. And the globe atop the sign will once again spin.
| our pages on the Globe Theatre |

May 2014 - Broadway Sign Ordinance Revisions - The process has begun for an upgrade to encourage more neon and other signage historically appropriate for the district.  | Draft of Sign District Guidelines - pdf |  Bringing Back Broadway News Page |

April 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "l.A.'s Long Dormant First Theatre to Be Turned Into a TV Station" - Adrian Glick Kudler gives a review of the work on the project.
| our Merced page |

April 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "Long Vacant Merced Theatre Gets New Life"  It's slated to become the home of the city's public access cable channel plus a venue for small performances.
| our Merced page |

April 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "The Lulling-Buy of Broadway" - Donna Evans discusses how the street is changing as theatres reopen and the retail mix evolves. The Rialto/Urban Outfitters photo is by Gary Leonard.

April 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "With Trade Center Sale, Broadway Hopes to Trade Up" discusses the sale of the Hamburger Department Store building at 8th & Broadway and what it will mean with new businesses coming to the theatre district.

April 2014 - The Guardian - "Los Angeles Vintage Jewels: Old Cinemas Regain Their Sparkle" by Leonie Cooper discusses classic film screenings downtown, especially those hosted by Cinespia at the United Artists.
| the UA web pages |

March 2014 - L.A. Magazine - "Broadway Gets New Lights, New Life." Chris Nichols' story is about the awarding of $750,000 in grants for facade lighting improvements on 12 Broadway buildings.
| the Downtown Theatres page |

March 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "Broadway Architecture Lighting Grants Announced"

February 2014 - L.A. Times - "Live music as a theme of downtown L.A.'s revival" - August Brown discusses the new additions to the music scene with the reopening of the United Artists and the Regent soon to come back into action as well.
| our page on the Regent |
| our pages on the United Artists |

February 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "Broadway's Traffic Experiment"

February 2014 - L.A. Downtown News - "A Halfway Point for Bringing Back Broadway"

February 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "Inside the New Ace Hotel's Dazzling Old United Artists Theatre" - Elizabeth Daniels gives us a wonderful photo spread with the story about the reopening provided by Pauline O'Connor.
| our pages on the United Artists |

January 2014 - KPCC Public Radio - "Downtown theaters open for a day to bring Broadway relics back to life" - A report on the "Day on Broadway" celebrating the halfway point of the city's Bringing Back Broadway initiative.

January 2014 - Franklin Avenue - "A Day Touring Downtown Los Angeles' Broadway Theatres"

January 2014 - L.A. Downtown News -"Broadway Traffic Lanes to be Slashed." A major re-do of the street will include fewer traffic lanes, more pedestrian amenities. 

January 2014 - GQ -"America's Next Great City is Inside L.A."

January 2014 - The Ace Hotel opens in the United Artists Building - Stories and photo spreads about the hotel opening include those by Brigham Yen, on Eater L.A., Curbed L.A., L.A. Downtown News (+ an additional Gary Leonard photo spread), on the blogs Opening Ceremony and Hypebeast as well as on the Bringing Back Broadway Facebook page.  The photo of the Chapter L.A. testaurant at Ace is from Bringing Back Broadway's Facebook album.
| our pages on the United Artists |


October 2014 - Hollywood Reporter - "How Christopher Nolan's Crusade to Save Film is Working" - His film "Interstellar" will play about 240 theatres in various 35 and 70mm film formats. At Grauman's Chinese, that means the house gets new 70mm Imax projection gear to supplement the IMAX digital installation of 2013.
| our web pages on the Chinese |

July 2014 - Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press - "Advocates fear Warner Bros. Theatre is at risk" - Rumors have been swirling around about plans for the Warner. The article (and photo) by Aaron Blevins gives a nice history of the theatre as well as fine comments from Hollywood Heritage and  Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation representatives Escott Norton and Hillsman Wright. Pacific Theatres/Robertson properties says at this point they're just exploring various options.
| our pages on the Warner |

July 2014 - Curbed L.A. - Curbed L.A.'s Bianca Barragan stirs the pot a bit more with a July 8 story titled "Development Headed for 1928 Warner Hollywood Theatre?"

June 2014 - Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation - 2014 Preservation Award to the Chinese Theatre - The photo here by Stephen Russo for the LAHTF shows the new readerboards.
| another photo and announcement - LAHTF | the event on Facebook - LAHTF | event photo - Wendell Benedetti | interior photo - Chinese FB page |
| our web pages on the Chinese |

June 2014 - - "TCL Lights 25' LED Marquees on Chinese Theatre"

June 2014 - KNBC Los Angeles - "Chinese Theatre Gets Brightest LED Marquees in L.A."


August 2014 - Hadley Meares - KCET - Hadley's article on the Westlake Theatre for the Lost Landmarks blog "Sign of the Times: Sensation, Salvation and Scandal at Westlake Theater" gives a terrific account of the theatre's history and a report on the current flavor of the neighborhood. The marquee detail is by the author.
| our page on the Westlake |

August 2014 - Beverly Press - "Theatre aficionados pay homage to the Wiltern" - Aaron Blevins has a story about the August 17 Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation tour of the landmark 1931 deco building.
| our Wiltern Theatre pages |

May 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "Mapping the Huge Wave of Gentrification About To Hit Westlake" discusses new housing, transit accessibility and two theatres in the news: the Hayworth and the Playhouse.
| our page on the Playhouse |
| our page on the Hayworth |

April 2014 - Hollywood Reporter - "Restored Beverly Hills Theater to Host Two Festival Premieres" The Saban/Fox Wilshire gets an upgrade of its projection equipment for the 2014 Bel Air and Israeli Film Festivals in October.
| our page on the Saban |

April 2014 - L.A. Times - "Philanthropist adds Beverly Hills' Fine Arts Theatre to Purchases." Paula Kent Meehan plans to reopen the theatre and "let it evolve." 
| on LATheatres FB page |
| the Fine Arts web page |

March 2014 - L.A. Times - "Historic Hayworth Theatre is Entering a New Stage of Life" discusses the sale of the building to TV writer Jenji  Kohan.
| Hayworth / Vagabond web page |

December 2013 - Larchmont Buzz - "Goodbye Deco Theatre..." discusses the demolition of the Four Star for a new mixed use complex.
| the Four Star page |


November 2014 - The Eastsider - "A reminder of Whittier Boulevard's movie house past is for sale" - The East L.A. United artists (long ago stripped out for retail use) is on the market.
| the listing on Loopnet |
| our page on the United Artists |

November 2014 - South Pasadena Review - "Tarantino Backs Out of Purchasing Rialto"

October 2014 - Curbed L.A. "Quentin Tarantino Is Not Buying the Rialto Theatre in South Pas"

 October 2014 - L.A. Weekly - "Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly: If People Want To Come, Fine. If They Don't, F..."
| our page on the New Beverly |

September 2014 - L.A. Weekly - "Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly: 'After 7 Years as Owner, I Wanted to Make it Mine'" - an interview with the filmmaker, as he takes control of the New Beverly programming. Long term manager Michael Torgan is getting replaced.

September 2014 - Curbed L.A. -"New Beverly Cinema Becoming Quentin Tarantino's Public 35mm Screening Room" - Adrian Glick Kudler has all the news on the changes at the theatre.

August 2014 - South Pasadena Review - "Quentin Tarantino Said to be Among Rialto Bidders"
| our page on the Rialto |

July 2014 - L.A. Times - "Will South Pasadena's Rialto Theatre Rise Again?" - Frank Shyong discusses the future of the building. Purchase offers are coming in, including one from Vintage Cinemas. But will it remain a theatre?
| our page on the Rialto |

July 2014 - Slate - "America's Vanishing Historic Movie Theatres" - The article by David Rosenberg profiles various theatres across the country using photographs by Stephanie Klavens. The Palace downtown and the Alex in Glendale are those featured from the Los Angeles area. That's the Alex boxoffice shown here.
| our pages on the Palace |
| our page on the Alex |

June 2014 - Variety - "Glendale's Alex Theatre Ready For Its Closeup" - A story about the grand reopening after $6 million upgrade to backstage areas.
| our page on the Alex |

June 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "South Pasadena's Crumbling Rialto Theatte For Sale For First Time Since the 1930s"

June 2014 - South Pasadena Review - "South Pasadena's Rialto Theatre to Go on Sale"  But Landmark Theatres still has a lease running until 2024.
| our page on the Rialto |

June 2014 - Friends of the Rialto - Escott O. Norton announced on June 9 that the owners of the building have finally decided to sell the theatre, paving the way for redevelopment.
| Friends of the Rialto website | on Facebook |

June 2014 - South Pasadena Review - "Some Movement on Rialto Theatre" Bill Glazier's story discusses a recent community meeting where the mayor talked about getting together with the owners to discuss the future of the building. The 2013 photo is by George Flores.
| our page on the Rialto |

June 2014 - Curbed L.A. - "Cornerspotted: The Warner Grand San Pedro" was a little profile piece on the theatre by Bianca Barrigan that included several nice photos.
| our page on the Warner Grand |
| lobby restoration photo - LAHTF Facebook page |

June 2014 - Daily Breeze - "San Pedro's Warner Grand Theatre Restoration Continues..."  is an article about the unfurling of the theatre's long unused asbestos curtain.
| our page on the Warner Grand |

May 2014 - Curbed L.A. "21 Places To Watch Outdoor Movies This Summer"

January 2014 - Santa Monica Mirror  - "ArcLight Cinemas to Open 14 Screen Complex in Santa Monica place in 2015"
| our page on the ArcLight Hollywood |

Theatre Visionary Ray Shepardson Dies
Ray was instrumental in saving the Wiltern Theatre in 1985.
And over 40 other theatres around the country.
He died April 14, 2014.

June 2014 - Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Remembering Ray Shepardson: Playhouse Square Savior hailed as a visionary" - Andrea Simakis reported on the memorial service held at the State Theatre in Cleveland on June 24. The State was one of many theatres Ray helped save. Andrea says it was "hardly a tragic affair...Playhouse Square put on a helluva show for a great showman."

June 2014 - Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Playhouse Square Hosts Celebration of Ray Shepardson's Life and Legacy"  The photo, taken by Jeff Bass the day before Ray's death, shows him in front of the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois.

May 2014 - Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Ray Shepardson Narrates..."  A story by Joanna Connors on the tumultuous last days of the theatre visionary. | part two | part three | part four | part five |

April 2014 - Chicago Tribune - "Ray Shepardson 1944-2014: 'Formerly of Almost Every Theatre in America'" by Chris Jones. The picture of Ray is a 2010 Chicago Tribune photo.

April 2014 - Paul's Voyage of Discovery - "Farewell to Ray Shepardson, the Visionary Who saved the Theatres" - A moving tribute by Paul Barrosse, whose life intersected with Ray's at several points. The photo, one of many with the article, is of Ray in the lobby of the State Theatre in Cleveland during the 1973 production of "Jacques Brel..."

| Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Preservationist Ray Shepardson..." |
| Chicago Sun Times - "Theater 'Visionary' Dies..." |
| Cleveland Scene - "RIP Ray Shepardson..." |
| 1985 - Cleveland Arts Prize |

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