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Loew's State: north on Broadway

An early card from the collection of Michelle Gerdes shows Loew's State with Viola Dana in "The Five Dollar Baby," a June 1922 release. The marquee also advertises a "Classy Girl Revue" with a cast of 25.  The State is a Weeks and Day designed theatre that opened in 1921. That's the Bullock's department store building across 7th on the left as we look north on Broadway.

A 20s view looking north on Broadway from Elizabeth Fuller's Old Los Angeles Postcards. The 600 block with the Orpheum/Palace is on the right and the Loew's vertical is on the left. Nice to get an impression (perhaps accurate, perhaps not) of the paint job on the vertical. The card was mailed in 1940 but it's obviously an earlier picture as the (now) Palace Theatre still has the vertical signs saying "Orpheum." 

This look north in the 30s gives a glimpse of Loew's State Theatre on the left and the Palace Theatre up the street. The card is from the collection of Gerald DeLuca on Photobucket.

A 1950s view looking north on Broadway, again from Elizabeth Fuller's terrific Old Los Angeles Postcards, with the Loew's State vertical lit in the center of the photo.   By 1956 or so the "Loew's" would be gone and it would be "The State" on the signs. Beyond you can see the Palace Theatre signs.

 See our pages on the State and the Palace for information on those Broadway survivors.

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