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The Mason Theatre

The Mason, long a major stop on the touring circuit, opened in 1903 as the Mason Opera House. Its location between 1st and 2nd sadly put it on the far edge of the Broadway theatre district as that area expanded south. In the final decades, before its demolition in 1956 for a state office building, it was one of L.A.'s major homes for Spanish language films along with occasional stage shows.

This early postcard was a find of Ken McIntyre for his Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles. Except for an added marquee and vertical sign plus some first floor remodeling, the building looked basically unchanged until its demolition.

We get a bit more traffic in this card from Elizabeth Fuller's Old Los Angeles Postcards set on Flicker. Go browsing -- she has 686 cards in her set. In this one we're looking south from 1st St. The Mason is the lighter colored building near the far right.

The busiest of the bunch is this hectic view from Alison Martino on the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page. The facade of the Mason is down there in the center of the card. But even more prominent is the stagehouse on the far right with its three smoke vents -- all the way over on Hill St.  

 The card is dated 1909. The message scribbled on the front reads: "We have ate in this restaurant many a time. Broadway is the main street in Los Angeles - we can walk down here to the corner of First and Broadway from where we are staying in ten minutes. Bye Bye - Linda." 

See our page on the Mason Theatre for many more views of the building.

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