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Tally's New Broadway / Garnett Theatre

Thomas Tally had been involved in other theatrical adventures on Spring and Main Streets. But 1905 he took the big step of going to Broadway and took over a nickelodeon called the Broadway at 554 S. Broadway. He fixed it up a bit and called it Tally's New Broadway.

Here we see a view looking north that appears on Brent Dickerson's terrific Broadway Tour Part 3. The tour also gives us many more vintage views including visits to Clune's (now the Cameo) and the Orpheum (now the Palace).

Another view of the New Broadway, also from Mr. Dickerson's page. This time we're looking south toward 6th St. Tally later moved on to a new theatre at 833 S. Broadway, a house he just called Tally's Broadway. What was he going to do? Call it the New New Broadway?

For more information see our listing for this earlier theatre under its last name the Garnett Theatre. It's on the Broadway Theatres page.

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