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The Warner Downtown

The theatre, opened as the Pantages in 1920, was the subject of many postcards. 7th & Hill was a busy intersection -- and B. Marcus Priteca had designed a terrific building to take photos of. It's still there, quite unchanged outside but now selling jewelry rather than films and vaudeville.  More vintage views -- and more postcards of the theatre -- are on our Warner Downtown page.

This great view from above highlights the verticality of the building -- and shows off the dome nicely. It was on eBay. Thanks to theatre sleuth Michelle Gerdes for the find.

The theatre became the Warner in 1929. The card above gives us the vertical sign saying Warner but it's been doctored. The card is based on an earlier photo, taken when it still was the Pantages.  Thanks to Cezar Del Valle for the card from his Theatre Talks collection.

A card from a bit later, when the theatre actually was the Warner -- note the quite different marquee when compared to the view above. Again, our thanks to Brooklyn-based theatre historian Cezar Del Valle for the card.

A superb 30s view looking north on Hill St. Thanks to Brian McCray -- the card is in his wonderful Hollywood Postcards collection. Until recently his 400+ cards were displayed on Picasa -- and now they've vanished because Google has "retired" that platform. 

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