Bard's Glendale / Glen Theatre

1014 E. Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205 | map |

Opened: 1925 as Bard's Theatre, also referred to as Bard's Glendale Theatre. The building is on the south side of the street a block west of Chevy Chase Dr. It originally had an Egyptian themed interior, a favorite for the circuit. The 1925 photo is in the Los Angeles Public Library collection. The marquee advertises a "Harold Lloyd Feature Comedy" along with "Easy Money" starring Cullen Landis and Mildred Harris.

Joe Vogel notes that it was a lease situation. The owner of the building was M.G. Khodigian, whose name appears on the side in a later photo. The contractor for the project was the Pasadena firm of J.H. Woodworth & Son. Lou Bard also operated three downtown houses: the Town Theatre, the College Theatre and the Olympic, the latter originally called Bard's 8th St. Others in the circuit included what is now the Academy 6 in Pasadena, the Vista, Bard's West Adams, and the Garfield in Alhambra.

Architect: Kenneth A. Gordon. He also designed the Warner's Egyptian / Uptown Theatre in Pasadena and the Yosemite / Eagle Theatre in Eagle Rock.

Seating: 844

A Sanborn map of unknown date with the theatre circled in red. Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor Lorendoc for the map, appearing on Noirish post # 55348.

It's still in the city directory as late as 1930 as Bard's. It was later operated by Fox West Coast as the Glen Theatre. It is listed as the Glen in the 1940 and 1951 city directories.

Closing: It was running into the 1960s. A closing date is unknown.

Status: After closing it was converted into a bowling alley and then became a restaurant and bar. It's now a banquet hall and wedding venue called Palladio. They're at 818-547-0199.

The space as a banquet hall. We're looking toward the proscenium flanked by the organ grille areas. It's a 2014 photo from Mel H. on Yelp. No vintage interior views have yet surfaced.

The rear of the former auditorium with a little balcony up where the booth was. It's a 2017 photo by Kevin W. on Yelp.  

More exterior views:

c.1929 - On the right we get a view of the back of the Bard's roof sign in this view looking west on Colorado St. Note the Piggly Wiggly down at the corner at 1100 E. Colorado. Evidently they were doing some paving work. It's a photo by Quality Photo Shop in the Cal State Northridge collection. Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor Mackerm for finding the photo for Noirish post #55330.

c.1930 - A vintage view with a look at the roof sign. Thanks to Deanna Bayless for finding the photo. She added it as a comment to a post on the LAHTF Facebook page about Bard's West Adams. Note the signage on the side identifying it as the Khodigian Theatre Building.

1965 - The theatre's marquee is visible in the distance, in the space between the group and the guy on the far right. It's a Glendale Public Library photo appearing on the website of the Cal State Northridge Oviatt Library. The occasion was some picketing against Neo-Nazi activity. Thanks to Deanna Bayless for spotting the photo in the collection. 

c.1995 - A terrazzo view by Gary Parks. He comments that he's glad he shot this when he did as this sidewalk didn't survive the building's next remodeling.  

2010 - A photo by Deanna Bayless on Flickr.

2010 - A facade detail from Google Maps.

2010 - The west side of the building. It's a photo by Deanna Bayless included in her Glendale / Burbank Area Architecture album along with five additional exterior views.

2019 - The redone Palladian style facade. Photo: Google Maps

2019 - A view looking east. Photo: Google Maps

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Glen Theatre for lots of history contributed by Joe Vogel and others.

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