Start your Los Angeles area historic theatre explorations by heading to one of these major sections: Downtown | North of Downtown + East L.A. | San Fernando Valley | Glendale | Pasadena | San Gabriel Valley, Pomona and Whittier | South, South Central and Southeast | Hollywood | Westside | Westwood and Brentwood | Along the Coast | Long Beach | [more] L.A. Movie Palaces |
To see what's recently been added to the mix visit the Theatres in Movies site and the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page.

Theatre History Resources

Archives To Browse

Academy Awards Collection -  A photo archive that's part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collection. | list of all AMPAS collections |

American Society of Cinematographers Collection - An archive that's part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collection.

Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann Collection - A part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collection.  This great photo of the Globe Theatre in its newsreel days is just one of many treats in the collection.

California State Library Photo Collection

Cal State Dominguez Hills Digital Collections

Cal State Northridge Oviatt Library

Calisphere - A searchable aggregator from UCLA that displays photos from many collections.

Getty Research Institute Photo Collection 

Historic Mapworks

Hollywood Historic Photos  - Several thousand photos to browse from Marc Wanamaker's Bison Archives.

Huntington Digital Library

Internet Archive -- Many vintage theatre trade publications are included in the vast collection.

Library of Congress - American Memories collections
Los Angeles County Natural History Museum Photo Collection - Despite the name of the organization, their Seaver Center for Western History Research photo collection includes many Los Angeles street views and a few theatre interior shots as well.

Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection

Metro Library and Archive - A fine collection of transportation related photos in many albums on Flickr. Check out their Historic Postcards of Los Angeles  and Downtown Los Angeles sets.

Online Archive of California 
The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photograph Collection

UCLA Los Angeles Times Photo Collection | on the UCLA Library website | on Calisphere | 

UCLA S. Charles Lee Papers Collection | on the UCLA Library website | on Calisphere | 

USC Archives Digital Collections

Beverly Hills history resources

Penny Postcards from California - The site has a few vintage Beverly Hills cards.

Beverly Hills Heritage - on Facebook 

Books Of Interest

David Naylor's wonderful book "American Picture Palaces, The Architecture of Fantasy" is not to be missed. It's a lush tour through the country's movie palaces with many stunning photos that don't appear elsewhere. Many Los Angeles theatres are represented. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company New York, 1981. It's available on Amazon.

"American Theatres Of Today" by R.W. Sexton and B. F. Betts is a huge compendium of plans and photos of the most interesting theatre architecture of the 20s -- including many Los Angeles theatres. The two volumes of the book were published in 1927 and 1930 by the Architectural Book Publishing Co., New York. It was reprinted in one volume in 1977 and 1985 by the Vestal Press, New York. Theatre Historical Society also did a reprint in 2009.

"The Best Remaining Seats" by Ben Hall is still the best treatment of movie palace architecture to be published. This wonderful 1961 book has inspired decades of theatre lovers to work toward saving these landmark buildings. The original edition was from Crown Publishers, Inc., a paperback from DaCapo Press came out in 1988. You can find it on Amazon.

"Movie Palaces: Survivors of an Elegant Era" by Ave Pildas (photos) and Lucinda Smith (text.) Foreword by King Vidor. Clarkston N. Potter, New York, 1980. A fine book with photos of many Los Angeles area theatres. It's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

"The Show Starts on the Sidewalk" by Maggie Valentine from Yale University Press offers a nice history of the movie palace with lots of references to S. Charles Lee and various historic Los Angeles theatres. There's a preview on Google Books

"Spectacular Illumination: Neon Los Angeles 1925-1965" by Tom Zimmerman with J. Eric Lynxwiler has hundreds of photos of Los Angeles signage, including views of many theatres. Chris Nichols discussed the book and included some Hollywood views with his August 2016 Los Angeles magazine article "These Photos Will Transport You to a Neon-Soaked 1930s Hollywood."

Check out the great 2008 Arcadia Publishing book "Theatres In Los Angeles" by Suzanne Tarbell Cooper, Amy Ronnebeck Hall and Marc Wanamaker. 

Most of the photos in the book are from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives. There's a preview you can browse on Google Books.

Anne Conser and Robert Berger's great 1992 book "The Last Remaining Seats: Movie Palaces of Tinseltown" is available on Amazon. Visit Robert Berger's website for a portfolio of 16 photos from the book.

City Directories

The Los Angeles Public Library has a number of searchable directories posted online. See their city directory and phone directory list. Also consider consulting the Library's California Index.

| 1906 - "theatres" | 1907 - "amusement, places of" | 1907 -"theatres" | 1908 - "amusement, places of" | 1908 "theatres" | 1909 - "amusement, places of" | 1909 - "moving pictures and machines" | 1909 - "theatres" | 1910 - " moving pictures and machines" | 1911 - "moving picture theatres" | 1911 - "theatres" - partial | 1912 - "moving picture theatres" | 1913 - "motion picture theatres" | 1914 business directory - "theatres" | 1914 - city directory "motion picture theatres" | 1915 - "motion picture theatres" | 1915 - "theatres" | 1916 - "motion picture theatres" | 1917 - "motion picture theatres" | 1918 - "motion picture theatres" | 1920 - "motion picture theatres" | 1921 "motion picture theatres" | 1922 "motion picture theatres" | 1923 - "motion picture theatres"  |  1923 - "theatres" | 1924 - "motion picture theatres" | 1925 - "motion picture theatres" | 1926 - "motion picture theatres" | 1927 - 'moving picture theatres"1928 - "motion picture theatres" | 1929 - "motion picture theatres"  | 1929 - "theatres"1932 - "motion picture theatres" | 1933 - "motion picture theatres" | 1934 - "motion picture theatres" | 1935 - "motion picture theatres" | 1936 - "motion picture theatres"  | 1936 - "theaters"  | 1937 - "motion picture theatres" | 1938 - "motion picture theatres" | 1939 - "motion picture theatres" | 1940 - "motion picture theatres" | 1941 - "motion picture theatres" | 1942 - "motion picture theatres"  | 1942 - "theatres" |

Cinema Treasures researcher Jeff Bridges (aka Vokoban) has discovered several interesting ads listing many theatres:  1914 - "moving picture theaters"  |  1923 - Paramount directory ad.

Google has an interesting list of Los Angeles County directories online that lists holdings in a number of different libraries. 

City of Los Angeles resources

The ZIMAS tool from the City of Los Angeles Planning Department allows you to determine the legal address of a piece of property and look at a report on it. The reports have all sorts of information such as size of the building, date of construction and last date of sale.

The Department of Building and Safety's Record System has a page where you can search online for building permits.

Downtown history resources 

Broadway Theatre Tour from Grace Market Research is a fine romp down the street with many photos of the buildings.  This Palace photo is one from their page.

Downtown L.A. Neighborhood Council -- The organization's Historic Resources - Buildings List is a fine compendium of essential information about historic buildings downtown, arranged by address.

Google Maps - A map with surviving theatre locations plotted.

Legends of America - Route 66 information

Public Art in L.A. - See the site's page on Fascinating Buildings in Downtown Los Angeles.

USC - Downtown Walking Tour - A nice overview of many of downtown's historic buildings.

Tom Wetzel's terrific Downtown Walking Tour is part of his "Transportation and the City: Past and present," a great history of L.A. transit. After you've finished his tour starting at the Subway Terminal Building, head up to Bunker Hill.

The You Are Here site from German photographer Martin will give you a terrific tour up and down the major streets with hundreds of photos to look at. Check out his Broadway tour.

Facebook pages of interest

Bay Area Historic Theatres | L.A. as Subject | Mid Century Modern Los Angeles | Photos of Los Angeles | So Cal Historic Architecture | Theatre Architecture | Vintage Los Angeles

Hollywood History Resources

The Boulevard Blog - "Sometimes I dream I go to Hollywood again " - Adela Rogers St. Johns. The blog has a number of items related to Hollywood history.

Card Cow - Hollywood postcards and thousands of others. The card here of the Earl Carroll in its Moulin Roude days is from their collection.

"Early Hollywood" by Marc Wanamaker & Robert W. Nudelman from the Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series, is an amazing collection of photos and stories about early Hollywood. Many of the Images are from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives. It's available from Amazon.

Facebook is a treasure trove of old Hollywood images through frequently uncredited. Check out Photos of Los Angeles and Vintage Los Angeles.

"Hollywood 1900 - 1950 in Vintage Postcards" by Tommy Dangcil in the Arcadia Publishing Postcard History Series has a good selection of early Hollywood views. It's on Amazon and there's also a preview on Google Books for you to browse.
"Hollywood 1940 - 2008" by Marc Wanamaker from Arcadia Publishing is a great collection of photos and lore about Hollywood. The photos in the book come from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives collection. It's available on Amazon and there's a preview on Google Books.

Allan Ellenberger's Hollywoodland blog features current Hollywood news as well as research into lots of historical topics. See his history posts and Hollywood architecture posts for lots of wonderful items.  

"Hollywood, The First 100 Years" by Bruce Torrence is a great book with many rare photos from Mr. Torrence's collection. Many of his photos are also available for viewing and purchase at

Torrence is the grandson of legendary Hollywood developer C.E. Toberman, who built the El Capitan, Egyptian and Chinese theatres, along with many other landmark buildings. The book was published by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1979, reissued by Zoetrope in 1982, and is available on Amazon.  He's also the author of the 2012 book "Hollywood Canteen."

Hollywood Historic Photos has several thousand photos to browse from Marc Wanamaker's Bison Archives.

Hollywood Heritage is an organization that advocates for preservation of historic buildings in the area, operates the Hollywood Heritage Museum and offers special programs, walking tours, and other events and events.  Also visit the Hollywood Heritage Museum on Facebook.

The Hollywood Sign - a site all about it - "The sign needs you!"

Martin Turnbull's "Hollywood's Garden of Allah Novels" blog offers many tales and photos of vintage Hollywood.

"Lost Hollywood" a 2002 book by David Wallace from Macmillan tells the tale how Hollywood became an international icon. It's available on Amazon. There's also a preview on Google Books.

"The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History" by Gregory Paul Williams is a wonderful history with hundreds of rare photos not seen elsewhere. It's available on Amazon and there's a preview to browse on Google Books.

The amazing Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photograph Collection has over 9,000 photos to browse indexed by topic and type of building.

You Are Here Hollywood Blvd. Tour - Take Martin's tour for lots of terrific photos. His Hollywood home page will give you a graphic layout of all the buildings on the most interesting section of the street. Clicking on the name of any building will get you a photo. Also see his Sunset Blvd. tour.

The Water and Power Associates Museum six page section Early Views of Hollywood has a terrific selection of photos they've grabbed from a wide variety of sources. See the bottom of any of the pages for an index to other
sections with photos from other areas of the city.

Tom Wetzel's transit history site is not to be missed. Check out his tour of the Hollywood Boulevard Line.

Los Angeles history resources

1947 Project - An archive of several years of blog posts about strange people and happenings in Los Angeles in the years 109 and 1927. Also see the collection of posts discussing the offbeat criminal history in postwar L.A. on the Original 1947 project. There's also a Facebook page.

Arcadia Publishing - Oodles of titles about L.A, history, all crammed with interesting photos. Some suggestions: "Beverly Hills 1930-2005" | "Brentwood" | "Culver City" | "Early Beverly Hills" | "Highland Park" | "Historic Hotels of Los Angeles and Hollywood" | "Los Angeles" | "Los Angeles Art Deco" | "Los Angeles's Angel's Flight" | "Los Angeles's Boyle Heights" | "Los Angeles's Little Italy" | "Los Angeles Railway Yellow Cars" |"Los Angeles River" | "Mount Lowe Railway" |"Pacific Electric Red Cars" | "Route 66 in California" | "The South Bay"  | "Theatres in Los Angeles" | "Vanishing Los Angeles County" | "West Hollywood"

Big Orange Landmarks - Floyd Bariscale's blog tours the whole list of the buildings designated cultural landmarks by the City of Los Angeles. Some of Floyd's posts of interest include: Biltmore Hotel/Theatre | Chinese Theatre | Pan Pacific Auditorium | Pantages Theatre | Pellisier Bldg./Wiltern Theatre | Philharmonic Auditorium | Shrine Auditorium | Variety Arts Center | Original Disney Studio site | Hollywood sign | Chaplin Studio | more hollywood posts

"The Historic Core of Los Angeles" - An Arcadia Publishing book by by Curtis C. Roseman, Ruth Wallach and Dace Taube in the Images of America series. It's on Amazon with a preview on Google Books.

History, Los Angeles County - a wide ranging blog focusing on buildings and public spaces.

LAVA - Los Angeles Visionaries Association - The organization holds monthly salons devoted to sometimes obscure historic topics. There are also walking tours and other adventures. Also see their Facebook page.

Los Angeles Past - "A vanished city lives again" in J. Scott Shannon's blog

LA Streamlined

Noirish Los Angeles - An enticing discussion forum on Skyscraper page -- now up to 2000 pages.

On Bunker Hill

Roadside Peek - Check out the Southern California Historical Sites, Hollywood, Southern California Postcards, Broadway Theatre Tour, Westwood Theatres and Southern California Index pages for lots of pictures of buildings, neon signs and other adventures. 

Sepia Town -From Here To Then

Studio for Southern California History - Also see their L.A. History Archive site to see projects they've done. 

Synthetrix - Photos of the Forgotten 

Transportation and the City: Past and Present - Tom Wetzel's site nicely documents L.A. transit history with many different pages devoted to different areas of the city.  See his pages on the Subway Terminal area, the Hollywood Line, the Glendale-Burbank line and lots more.

The Underappreciated Legacy of Historic Los Angeles - a blog with sections on Wilshire Blvd, West Adams and more. The focus is on residential architecture.

USC - Los Angeles and the Problem of Urban Historical Knowledge

A Visit to Old Los Angeles - This wonderful site features a number episodes created by Brent C. Dickerson combining his text with an amazing collection of old postcards and historic photos.  Adventures include New High St. and Broadway, Broadway from Temple to 4th, Broadway from 4th to 8th, Later: Broadway in the 20's, Hollywood and Venice, Catalina and much more. The index page will give you the rundown.  You can also see an array of images from the series on Google.

Water and Power Associates - The site's "Museum pages" offer thousands of vintage photos grabbed from many different archives as well from the DWP collection.

Wikipedia - Well, how much time do you have? You could start with the Los Angeles article. Check out articles on various neighborhoods: Downtown Los AngelesBroadway | the Eastside | Northeast Los Angeles | South Central | Harbor Area | Hollywood | Hollywood Cultural Monuments | WilshireWestside | San Fernando Valley. And then there are discussions of West Adams | Watts | Leimert Park | Baldwin Hills | Venice Beach | the Downtown Financial District | Los Feliz | Silver Lake | Koreatown | Westwood | Bel Air | Hollywood Hills | Hancock Park | Pacific Palisades | Century CityBrentwood | Is that enough?

Wikipedia theatre articles include Broadway Theatre District | Carthay Circle | Chinese Theatre | Los Angeles Theatre | Million Dollar | Orpheum | Pantages Theatre | Tower Theatre | Warner Grand | Cinemas in California | and lots more...

Los Angeles in the Movies

See the terrific Arcadia Publishing book "Location Filming in Los Angeles" by Karie Bible, Marc Wanamaker and Michael Medved for lots of rare photos and great stories. It's available on Amazon. There's a preview to browse on Google Books.

Visit the Theatres in Movies site for a screenshots of many Los Angeles theatres as they have appeared in several hundred films.

Thom Anderson's "Los Angeles Plays Itself" is a great exploration of Los Angeles and how it's been portrayed in the movies. It's available for rental and from several streaming services. It's a treat.  There's a trailer on YouTube.

The 2008 L.A. Times story "L.A.'s story is complicated, but they got it" gives a fine list of films that portray the city well.

"L.A. and Films," a 2008 post from Ed Fuentes on his blog [view] From a Loft has a great list of movies about Los Angeles. It was his response to the L.A. Times list.

Movie Theatres in Movies, a page on the site Silver Screens has an index to information on lots of movies that have scenes filmed in theatres.

Don't miss John Bengtson's blog Silent Locations: Chaplin - Keaton - Lloyd film locations (and more) for amazingly detailed work tracking down locations of a wide array of silent films.

Wikipedia has a List of films set in Los Angeles.

More blogs and sites that have information on L.A. filming locations include: Film In America - Southern California Movies | Chas Demster's Filming Locations of Chicago and New York  | Lindsay's I Am Not A Stalker | Yuri G's Movie Tourist | | Seeing Stars - Filming Locations in Southern California | Silver Screens - Movie theatres in Movies |

Newspaper searches

The California Digital Newspaper Collection is a searchable newspaper archive dating from 1846 to the present.

Photo sets

Historic Theatre Photography  - See Mike Hume's great photos of the Pantages, United Artists, Million Dollar and many more -- along with tech specifications and other data. He has a page on Facebook as well.  The Pantages photo here is one of Mike's.

After The Final Curtain - Matt Lambros travels the country and photographs theatres -- he especially likes the ones in ruins. He also has a Facebook page. And a book!

Classic Los Angeles - Photos collected by Barbara Harlen in the Kingsley Collection.

Los Angeles Theaters - Eric Lynxwiler's terrific set of 480 photos.  

Movie Theatres USA - Visit Ken Roe on Flickr for about 600 photos.

Movie Theatres and Marquees - Mr. 38 on Flickr has a nice set

Ornate Theatres - John Hough's website has a large portfolio of photos of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, United Artists, Vista and more.

Roadside Architecture - California Movie Theatres - Debra Jane has six pages of vary nice exterior views of theatres around the state and a separate five page section of Los Angeles theatres.

Vintage Cinemas of the World - Ross Care on Flickr

Vintage Theatres and Drive-ins - Mark Peacock. Also see his 2009 On the Road blog post "A Walk Down Broadway."

A few more sets on Flickr that may be of interest: A Box of Pictures - G. Cliser | All The Signs - vintage signage - Corey Miller | Ansel Adams lost Los Angeles | Art Deco L.A. - Carlos Rossi | Art Deco Los Angeles - group pool | Historical and Fascinating - Mr. Arteest | Los Angeles Neon - Thomas Hawk | Los Angeles - James Ian | Los Angeles History - group pool | Los Angeles - Mark Peacock | L.A. albums - Waltarrrrr | Pico Blvd. - Waltarrrrr | TN Jones - shopping centers, Wilshire, everything L. A. | Vintage Los Angeles - group pool | Vintage Los Angeles - G. Cliser | Vintage Los Angeles - Alison Martino | Vintage Southern California - G. Cliser |    

Postcard collections

Card Cow - A site that showcases an amazing collection of vintage postcard views.

Cinema postcards From the Americas - Roloff de Jeu has a 79 card collection on Flickr

The Frasher Foto Postcard Collection at the Pomona Public Library has hundreds of cards and photos by Bruton Frasher taken all over southern California.

Old Los Angeles Postcards -- Elizabeth Fuller's great collection on Flickr totaled 686 at last look. The Chinese postcard is one from the collection.  She has these tagged so, for example, you can search for Broadway cards  or theatre cards. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Penny Postcards From California -  Lots of fun here browsing through submissions from many contributors. It's organized by cities and counties including nice sections on Hollywood cards and Los Angeles cards.

Preservation Organizations

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles | on Facebook 

Bringing Back Broadway | historic photo set on Flickr | BBB on Facebook | "Night On Broadway" on Facebook |

Hollywood Heritage | Hollywood Heritage Museum on Facebook

Los Angeles Conservancy | on Facebook

Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation | group Facebook page | official Facebook page |

Theatre Historical Society of America | annual conclave info | THS  on Facebook

League of Historic American Theatres | national conference info

San Fernando Valley history resources

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Kevin Roderick's "San Fernando Valley: America's Suburb" from the L.A. Times Press is a great tour of the area and a history of how it grew. "Just a superb book—this is history the way I like it," noted  historian Kevin Starr.

Valley Relics Museum | on Facebook

Santa Monica and Venice history resources

Card Cow - The site has many vintage Santa Monica postcards to browse.

"Early Santa Monica" by Louise B. Gabriel and the Santa Monica Historical Society Museum has many wonderful photos of early Santa Monica. The 2006 Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series  book is available on Amazon. There's also a preview on Google Books.

Penny Postcards From California - The site has about 20 vintage Santa Monica and Ocean Park cards to browse.

"Santa Monica: A History on the Edge" by Paula Scott from the Arcadia's Making of America Series is a lively history of the town. The 1965 photo of the Criterion Theatre during the revamping of 3rd St. is one of many fine photos in the book. There's a preview on Google Books.

Venice Historical Society

Water and Power Associates - The site's "museum pages" have a fine series of vintage photos of Santa Monica. See the three pages of "Early Views of Santa Monica." 

South Bay history resources

The Pike

South Bay History - Sam Gnerre's Daily Breeze blog focuses on a wide range of history topics along the coast.

Studio history

Floyd Bariscale's Big Orange Landmarks blog post about the Site of the Filming of the First Talking Picture includes this postcard of the Warner Studio on Sunset. Also see his post on the Original Disney Studio site and a nicely researched piece about a visit to the Chaplin Studios.

"Early Universal City," an Arcadia Publishing book by Robert S. Birchard has a history of that studio with many photos. Amazon has it.

"Early Warner Brothers" by E.J. Stephens and Marc Wanamaker from Arcadia Publishing features many rare photos from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives. It's available on Amazon.

Hollywood Studio Tour, a page from Grace Market Research offers a nice rundown of studio history with many photos.

"Hollywood Studios" by Tommy Dangcil is from the Arcadia Publications Postcard History Series. There's a preview for you to browse on Google Books.

"Movie Studios of Culver City" by Julie Lugo Cerra and Marc Wanamaker is in the Arcadia Publishing Images of America series. It's available on Amazon.

Photos of Los Angeles on Facebook has several images of possible interest:  Samuel Goldwyn Studios - 1941 | Columbia - 1941 | RKO - 1941 |

Picfair Studios material includes: L.A. Times article about demolition - 2012 | more L.A. Times coverage - 2012 | "Save the Picfair" - a slide show from Sal Gomez on YouTube |

"United Artists Created" is a "This Day in History" piece on about the creation of United Artists in 1919.

Theatre history websites and blogs  

American Widescreen Museum - Martin Hart has curated over 1,000 pages of great photos and information about various widescreen systems. This photo of the Chinese is from his great Cinemascope section.

Cinema Treasures -- See the site's Los Angeles list for doing an alphabetical search. Or if you want a handy list for any particular city, Cinema Treasures is the way to go.

If you're looking for a list of theatres in a particular community note that Cinema Treasures lists all these small neighborhoods separately. Start with the California page and note the selection bar just to the right of the "California" -- you can scroll down to find any town in the state.

Cinema Tour -- This site has a nice spread with cities arranged alphabetically and thumbnail photos of many of the theatres. The Long Beach - Los Angeles page is a good place to start.

You can use the directory at the top of the page to select where you want to go. Or enter the name of the theatre in the search box on any Cinema Tour page to see what the site has.

From Script To DVD -- 70mm in Los Angeles | 70mm Equipped Theatre List and Photo Gallery |

Grauman's Chinese - Kurt Wahlner

In Cinerama - Roland Lataille

Mike Rivest's Ultimate List of Movie Theatres is an illustrated list of 1530 or so theatres in the Los Angeles area.

Theatre Talks - Cezar DelValle

Video tours of theatres on YouTube

"Art Theatre Long Beach" | "Save the Fairfax Theatre" - Haeyong Moon and Don Solosan | "Second Run ( America's Classic Movie Theaters) Part 1"- Gary Graver | "Second Run Part 2" | "The Show Starts on Broadway" - Million Dollar Theatre - Haeyong Moon | "Million Dollar Theater: The Hidden Layers" - Haeyong Moon with LAHTF's  Hillsman Wright | "The Orpheum Theatre" | "Tour of the Westlake Theatre" | Many more appear on the LAHTF YouTube channel. Videos about specific theatres are noted on the web page for the theatre.

Wilshire History Resources

Card Cow - The site has many vintage postcards to browse along Wilshire Blvd., in Beverly Hills and in Westwood.

Curating the City / Wilshire Blvd. - This project the L.A. Conservancy started in 2005 takes you on a journey along Wilshire via an interactive map and a photo gallery. There are lots of thumbnail images along the way to click on for more information. Also check out the downloadable tour booklet. The site got an upgrade in 2010 with many new photos added.

"Henry Gaylord Wilshire, The Millionaire Socialist" by Louis Rosen is a great read about the man and the territory that became Wilshire Blvd. It's available on Amazon and there's a preview on Google Books.

The Miracle Mile photo pool on Flickr has nearly 500 photos of the area.

I Heart Miracle Mile - a Facebook page

Browse through Eric Lynxwiler's Wilshire Blvd (history)  set on Flickr for a great stroll along the boulevard. There are photos, postcards, restaurant menus, matchbook covers and lots more. See also his terrific Los Angeles Theatres set of 480 photos. 

"Miracle Mile in Los Angeles: History and Architecture"
by Ruth Wallach is the definitive history of this stretch of Wilshire Blvd. the Arcadia Publishing book is available on Amazon.

Miracle Mile Residential Association  - A fine assortment of historic Wilshire views appears on their website. The Tom Zimmerman photo of the El Rey in the 70s is one of several hundred in their collection. The site has a then and now section as well.

Public Art in L.A. - This interesting website has lots of photos of signage and historic buildings. Check out the Wilshire Neon Signs page.

"Westwood" by Marc Wanamaker  from the Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series offers a nice history of the area with many historic photos from from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives. It's available on Amazon with a preview available on Google Books.

Wilshire Beauty - A 56 photo set from 2006 by Ana Zapata on Flickr. She visits the Fine Arts Theatre as well as other landmarks. Also see her Hollywood and Neon sets.

Wilshire Blvd. - A set of 205  photos by Carlos Rossi on Flickr.

Kevin Roderick's 2005 book "Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles" from Angel City Press celebrates "one of the most magnificent thoroughfares on the planet." Kevin gives you a glorious ride down the "Main Street of Los Angeles."

Wikipedia - "Wilshire Boulevard" |  "Miracle Mile" | "Mid-Wilshire" | "Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Wilshire and Westlake areas"

You Are Here - Take Martin's tour down Wilshire Boulevard for lots of terrific photos. Clicking on the name of any building will get you a photo.

Life in L.A. today

DTLA Development | L.A. Curbed | L.A. Downtown News | L.A. Eater  | LAist | L.A. Observed | L.A. Weekly | L.A. weekly/restaurants

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