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Grauman's Chinese: the attic

Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation co-founder Hillsman Wright looking around the attic. The sloped chute at right leads from the organ chamber to openings in the plasterwork in the center of the ceiling.  In the foreground we see the planks of the catwalk leading around the center portion of the ceiling. The middle of the auditorium is off to the right. We're looking west and  the forecourt would be off to the left. Thanks to Wendell Benedetti for his 2012 photo, originally appearing on the LAHTF Facebook page.

What's left of the organ chamber. This is a space in the attic just in front of the stagehouse. In the photo we're looking west. The auditorium is off to the left. The organ used to speak through the now plastered opening at left into the tone chute that led to the "doily" on the auditorium ceiling.

At the right, we're looking at some seismic shear wall work added to the proscenium wall. New bracing between the stagehouse, the organ chamber and the auditorium roof structure can be seen on the roof of the building. Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF Facebook page - 2012

Seismic bracing now runs from the stagehouse (with the row of smoke vents) to the organ chamber (the squarish box in front) and on down to the roof structure of the auditorium. The main mechanical room is off to the right of the organ chamber.

All the brownish stuff in the foreground is the building for the relatively new Madame Tussauds's Wax Museum. The yellowish structure behind the Chinese stagehouse is the stagehouse of the Dolby Theatre. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

LAHTF's David Saffer in front of the main exhaust fan. The upstairs mechanical room is on stage left, high up adjacent to the organ chamber. An access door to this area can be seen on the roof. Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF Facebook page - 2012

A collage of winches in the attic. Thanks to Wendell Benedetti for his 2012 photo on the LAHTF Facebook page. He notes: "The large winch with one-inch thick steel cable (lower left image) supports the main chandelier.  The upper right image includes two winches as well as several 2x8-inch boards that refer to specific organ pipes."

All of the auditorium and side aisle chandeliers have individual winches to lower them for cleaning and relamping. The upper right photo is of several old curtain motors.

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