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Idle Hour Theatre

6525 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
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Opened: Late 1910 or early 1911 by P. Tabor as Hollywood's first movie theatre. Stories differ as to the exact location. Bruce Torrence lists it as 6525 Hollywood Blvd. and calls it the Idyl Hour. Gregory Paul Williams spells it Idle Hour and puts it in a storefront at the N.E. Corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Hudson (basically the same location).

[The second theatre to arrive in the neighborhood was the Hollywood Theatre in 1913.]

The 1912 Los Angeles city directory lists it as the Idle Hour at 226 W. Hollywood Blvd. -- that's before the addresses got changed to the L.A. numbering system.

In 1913 the business moved to a newer storefront on the 6400 block (again on the north side of the street) and it was renamed the Iris Theatre. In 1918 the Iris moved again, to a purpose built structure on the other side of the street that eventually became the Fox.

Status: The assumption is that the building the Idle Hour was in at 6525 Hollywood Blvd. was demolished. If the Idle Hour was indeed at a location corresponding to the 6525 address that would put it the vicinity of the center storefront of the current building at Hollywood and Hudson.

It's unknown if any part of the building that was there in 1910 remains as part of the present structure. The City Planning Department's ZIMAS database gives 1920 as the year of construction for the current building using addresses 6523-25-27. But the building does appear to be a mashup of construction over different periods so parts may be older.  

The entrance to the Studio / Holly Theatre was at 6523 Hollywood Blvd. --  in the storefront to the right with the green awning.  It was retail space in the building before the theatre conversion in 1931 and it's retail once again. The building just to the east (6507-6521 Hollywood Blvd.) evidently dates from 1921.

The presumed site of the Idle Hour.  Perhaps where the center storefront is. Or maybe right on the corner. Parts of this building might have been there in 1910. Photo: Bill Counter - 2010

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Idyl Hour. They use 6265 Hollywood Blvd. (near the current Pantages location) as the address without identifying their source.

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