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Pantages: ticket lobby

Thanks to Mike Hume for his 2016 wide angle view of the space.  Don't miss the Pantages Theatre section on his website for more photos, drawings and technical specifications.

Looking out with a view of the west wall display cases. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

Another west wall view. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A detail of the RKO signage still in the display window above the cases.  Initially a Fox operation, the theatre was acquired by Howard Hughes for RKO in 1949. Thanks to Bob Davidson for his 2002 photo, originally a post on the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page. Also see a ceiling dome view from Bob.

Thanks to Don Solosan of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation for this 2010 view toward the boxoffice windows on the east wall. Note that the boxoffice area is built out from the original wall. For the theatre's first few decades there was an island boxoffice.  The photo originally appeared on the LAHTF Facebook page.

The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is actively involved in the study and preservation of the vintage theatres in the L.A. area. The group frequently supports events and offers theatre tours. | group Facebook page | official FB page

A look toward the west side of  the ticket lobby by Lin Rhys.


The ceiling dome of the ticket lobby. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007 

The green oculus in the ticket lobby ceiling during a run of "Wicked." Thanks to Howard Nugent, former master electrician at the theatre, for sending along his photo.

Thanks to Lyn Rhys for this look at the ticket lobby dome.

Restoration work underway in 2000.  The ceiling had been dropped and display cases covered over in the 1959 "modernization." Thanks to Amy Higgins for the photo from her website Her terrific work on the Nederlander renovation of the theatre while working with Evergreene Architectural Arts included plaster restoration, decorative painting and gold leaf work. See her Pantages Hollywood page for more photos.

1954 -  Spike Jones at the boxoffice for the opening of "Fireman, Save My Child" -- his film the bottom half of a double bill with "Playgirl" starring Shelley Winters. Ted Hering posted this shot on Vintage Los Angeles. Also see a street view with Spike lined up with (presumably) all his nieces and nephews. Thanks, Ted!


A c.1937 look at the crowd taken by Herman Schultheis on a Studio Preview night. The photo is in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

A 1930 boxoffice view. It's a Mott Studios photo in the California State Library photo set #001387245.  The photo also appears in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

The display cases on the west wall of the ticket lobby.  They're advertising the theatre's opening attraction, "The Florodora Girl" with Marion Davies. It's a 1930 Mott Studios photo in the California State Library photo set #001407732. The photo is also in the Los Angeles Public Library collection and in the AMPAS Tom B'hend - Preston Kaufmann Collection.

Another Mott Studios display case view from the California State Library photo set #001387245.

The area behind the boxoffice -- and a nice look at the dome. It's a 1930 Mott Studios photo from the California State Library photo set #001387245.

Another view of the entrance doors. It's a 1930 Mott Studios photo from the California State Library photo set #001387245.

More ticket lobby views: Wikipedia has lots of Pantages photos, including a fine ticket lobby dome shot by Andreas Praefke.

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