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Shrine Auditorium: Expo Hall + support areas

665 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90007 | map |

The Shrine Auditorium pages: history | exterior views | lobby areas | auditorium | backstage | expo hall + support areas

The Expo Hall:

A 1926 view of the Expo Hall, originally called the Banquet Hall and, later, the Ballroom. We're looking north toward the entrance doors on 32nd St. The photo by Keystone Photo Service is in the USC Digital Library collection.

This c.1926 photo by Mott Studios appears with the article "Unusual Engineering Features of the Al Malaikah Temple, Los Angeles" by R. McC. Beanfield, structural engineer for the project. The article, from The American Architect, is on Internet Archive. Thanks to Mike Hume for going on the search to find it.

The caption: "The roof over the Banquet Hall is supported by reinforced concrete arches of 90 ft. clear span. Bending stresses in columns are reduced by the cantilevered balcony. Decorations are painted on concrete." 

A 1934 view, with the hall evidently being used for scenery storage. The open doorway leads directly onto the stage of the Auditorium. It's a Los Angeles Public Library photo.

The hall set up with rides and booths for a Shrine Circus in 2008. The main performance was given in the Auditorium. Thanks to Floyd Bariscale for his photo, included in his 46 photo Shrine Auditorium set on Flickr. And don't miss the fine article about the Shrine Auditorium on his blog Big Orange Landmarks.

Another balcony view. Photo: Floyd Bariscale - Flickr - 2008

On the main floor. Yes, that's a carousel set up down at the end. Photo: Floyd Bariscale - Flickr - 2008

Newer Expo Hall views: 

The west entry area leading into the Expo Hall. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018. Visit his Historic Theatre Photography site for hundreds of terrific photos of the theatres he's explored in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere. And don't miss his page on the Shrine Auditorium.

Another west entry view. Photo: Shrine Auditorium website.  It's in the photo gallery section of their history page where you'll get a fine tour of the building.

A look in from the southwest corner of the empty hall. Photo: Bill Counter - 2018

The view north to 32nd. St. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

Turning around 180 degrees, it's a view through the "elephant doors" onto the Shrine Auditorium stage. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

On the landing up to the balcony. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

The balcony on the south end of the hall. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

Power off in a nook in the southeast corner. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

Along the west side of the hall at balcony level. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

Looking north toward the 32nd St. entrance doors. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018 

A concrete beam detail. Photo: Mike Hume - 2018

On the balcony above the north entrance doors. The stage of the auditorium is behind the wall at the far end. Photo: Shrine Auditorium website. 

Basement support areas: 

The Expo Hall service switchboard. Photo: Dave Bullock - 2007. See the great set of 29 photos of the building on his website eecue.

The boiler room. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

A peek inside one of the boilers. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

A chiller. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

Basement storage under the Expo Hall. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

Basement mechanical areas stage left: 

The theatre's service switchboard. We're in the southeast corner of the basement, not far from underneath the stage. Photo: Bill Counter - 2009 

An emergency generator. Photo: Bill Counter - 2009

The organ blower. Photo: Bill Counter - 2009

One of the supply fans and water heating gear.  Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

Heading to the domes:

A corridor leading to the north dome. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007

In the north dome. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007 

The inside of the north dome's roof. Photo: Dave Bullock - eecue - 2007. Thanks for all the terrific photos, Dave!

Inside the south dome. Access is via a staircase at the top of the balcony house right. It also heads to the attic and the roof. Photo: Bill Counter - 2019

The roof of the south dome. Photo: Mike Hume - 2019

Looking out toward the north dome. Photo: Bill Counter - 2019

The view out to the south. Photo: Mike Hume - 2019

The Shrine Auditorium pages: history | exterior views | lobby areas | auditorium | backstage | back to top - expo hall + support areas

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