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Larchmont Theatre

149 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004
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Opened: March 15, 1922. It was between Beverly and 1st in the Larchmont shopping district. The theatre was built for investor J.J. La Bonte and was operated by silent film star Alice Calhoun. It was later operated by Fox West Coast. 

The 1934 shot of the Larchmont playing "It Happened One Night" appeared on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles as a post by Bill Gabel. It can be seen on page 50 of the lovely Arcadia Publishing book "Theatres in Los Angeles" by Suzanne Tarbell Cooper, Amy Ronnebeck Hall, and Marc Wanamaker. The photo also puts in an appearance in Ally Quest's "Theatre District" photo gallery and on Noirish Los Angeles.

Architect: Unknown  

Seating: 835

The Larchmont in the Movies:

We get a look at the Larchmont facade in Poodles Hanneford's "Better Behave" (Weiss Brothers Artclass Pictures, 1928). It's part of the Weiss-O-Rama set of late silent era comedy shorts, available in a collection on Amazon).

Thanks to the famed silent film detective John Bengtson for the "Better Behave" photo and data. Visit John's blog "Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more)" for accounts of his latest investigations.

The Larchmont makes an appearance in the background of this shot in the Three Stooges short "Hoi Polloi" (Columbia, 1935). Thanks to Peter Chacona Chaconas for the post of the great screenshot on the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles.

Pete Smith gives us a peek at the Larchmont in the background of this shot from his short "Pedestrian Safety" (MGM, 1952). The photo appears on page 44 in the Arcadia Publishing book "Location Filming in Los Angeles" by Karie Bible, Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved. You can see the page with this photo on the Google Books preview.

Status: Closed perhaps in 1952. It's been demolished. There's now a retail development on the site.

A 1930 look north on Larchmont Blvd. toward the theatre. The photo is part of a set by Dick Whittington Studio devoted to Mr. Balzer and his fleet of delivery trucks. It's in the USC Digital Library collection.

A detail from the USC photo. The Larchmont is running the talkie "In Old Arizona," released in late 1928. Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor BifRayRock for finding the photo in the USC collection and for this detail view. See more on his Noirish post #41068

A 1935 look at the theatre during a kids film party. It appears on page 51 of the Arcadia Publishing book "Theatres in Los Angeles." Most of the rare photos in the book are from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives. It's also been seen on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles as a post by Ken McIntyre.

A c.1943 look at the Larchmont. It appears that the theatre is closed and maybe there was a bit of fire action upstairs. The photo could have been yours for $9.99. Thanks to L.A. transit historian Sean Ault for locating it on eBay.

A 1950 photo of the Larchmont appearing on Cinema Treasures. Thanks to that site's contributor Senorsock for the post. It's also been seen on the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles. 

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Larchmont.

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