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Shubert Theatre

2020 Avenue of the Stars  Century City (Los Angeles), CA 90067
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Opened: 1972 with a production of "Follies." It was operated, as the name would suggest, by the Shubert Organization. The theatre, along with the Century Plaza Theatres across the plaza, was part of what was called the ABC Entertainment Center. Initially there was a Playboy Club on the lower level, under the theatre.

This view of the drop off area is a 1986 photo by Michael Haering in the Los Angeles Public Library collection. We're looking over toward the Shubert,  where "42nd Street" was in residence.

Major shows to play the house included "Sophisticated Ladies," "Ragtime," "Evita" (1980-81), "Cats," "Dreamgirls," "Amadeus," "Chorus Line" (1977), "Beatlemania" (1978), "Annie" (1979), "Les Miz" (1988) "Sunset Boulevard," "Mamma Mia" (2001) and many more.

Seating: 1,830

Architect: Henry George Greene

Status: Closed in 2002 and demolished. A new office tower is now on the site.

A Gil Cooper / L.A. Times photo of the installation of one of the lobby chandeliers in 1972. Thanks to Eitan Alexander for spotting it in the UCLA / L.A. Times Photo Collection.

A David Zanzinger lobby photo. Thanks to Kevin Miller for posting it on the Mid Century Modern Los Angeles Facebook page. He notes: "When you entered the theatre from the street level, that was the Mezzanine, and you had to take the stairs down to get to the Orchestra level."

A view to the rear of the house by David Zanzinger.  Again thanks to Kevin Miller for locating the photo. More of Mr. Zanzinger's work can be seen on the site PhotoShelter. Also pay a visit to his Facebook page.

A postcard of the fountain in front of  the ABC Entertainment Center from the site Card Cow. Thanks to Alison Martino for finding the card in the site's collection.

A look down on the complex in 1979. Thanks to Alison Martino for her May 2011 post of the photo on Vintage Los Angeles where it elicited many comments. There's also a September 2011 re-post with many additional responses.

A slightly different version of the photo had been seen on the non-public Mid Century Modern Los Angeles Facebook page in 2010 and made a reappearance on Vintage Los Angeles in 2013. "Annie" was at the Shubert with the films "Meteor" and "Fiddler On The Roof" at the Plitt Century Plaza Theatres.

A 1980 photo of the complex from the Richard Wojcik collection appearing on Vintage Los Angeles. "Evita" was at the Shubert. Thanks, Richard!

A view south on the Avenue of the Stars -- that's the Shubert nearest us. Thanks to Alison Martino for the photo. It was a post on the non-public Facebook group page Mid Century Modern Los Angeles.

A photo from Alison Martino's collection looking over toward the Shubert during a run of "Cats." Thanks, Alison! It was a post on the non-public Facebook group page Mid Century Modern Los Angeles.

Nearing the end. A "Dame Edna" marquee shot from Douglas McEwan taken during the theatre's final season. He had it as a post on the Mid Century Modern Los Angeles Facebook page.

More Information: Wikipedia has a page on the Shubert. On Facebook there's a fan page about the Shubert Theatre.

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