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Pantages: recent auditorium views

The amazing Pantages chandelier. Thanks to Mike Hume for this 2015 photo and others appearing here. Many Pantages views are in his Theatre set on Flickr. For more treats visit the Historic Theatre Photography section of his website.

A 2016 view into the house with the lighting truss a bit lower than we normally see it. Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor Lomara for the photo. It's one of eight views on Noirish post #37599 taken during an open house for season subscribers.

A wonderful 2006 look at the back of the house from Christian Dionne's Theatres set on Flickr.  You can, of course click on the image here for a larger view but you might want to go to Flickr for the hi-res version where you can pan around and look at details. Thanks, Christian!

The photo can also be seen on the "Welcome to the 2703" post of the Pantages blog. 2703 is, of course, the answer to the frequent question "How many seats are in the theatre?"

A dazzling wide angle look to the rear. Photo: Wendell Benedetti - 2015. The photo originally appeared on the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation group Facebook page. Thanks, Wendell!

The LAHTF is actively involved in the study and preservation of the vintage theatres in the L.A. area. The group frequently  supports events and offers tours of the buildings. | group Facebook page | official FB page

The view across the main floor. The new carpet was being installed for a run of "Phantom of the Opera." Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF - 2010.

Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor Lomara for this look onto the stage. It's one of eight views on Noirish post #37599 taken during a 2016 open house for season subscribers.

A proscenium detail by Noirish Los Angeles contributor Lomara on Noirish post #37599.

Thanks to Ben Catalan for this great ceiling detail, a 2016 post on Photos of Los Angeles.

 A 2015 Pantages blog post "The Blue Ceiling and Beyond" followed Howard Nugent up above the decorative plaster to the luminous blue dome above.  At the time Mr. Nugent was master electrician at the theatre.

A look down into the balcony seats from up above. It's a photo with the Pantages blog's 2015 post "The Blue Ceiling and Beyond."

A bit of the main chandelier as seen from above the ceiling plasterwork. See the 2015 Pantages post "The Blue Ceiling and Beyond" for 5 more great photos.

The house left organ grille. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

The plasterwork at top of the house left organ grille. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

Plasterwork house left between the side stage and the organ grille. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

Exploring the house right side stage. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

The treatment at the top of the house right side stage. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

A view across the middle of the main floor. Photo: Don Solosan - LAHTF - 2010. Thanks, Don! 

A sidewall detail. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

The vista up toward architect B. Marcus Priteca's elaborate ceiling. Photo: Don Solosan - LAHTF - 2010

A nice 2006 cell phone ceiling view from the main floor by Craig Black on Flickr.

Up in the ceiling structure: a look across the abyss with the main chandelier over on the right. Photo: Howard Nugent collection

The chandelier in the center of the auditorium's ceiling was the subject of "The Grand Chandelier," an August 2015 post on the theatre's blog.  This photo is one of 7 in the post. It's by Howard Nugent, former head electrician at the theatre.  Down below, we're looking toward the stage.

Another Howard Nugent photo appearing in the Pantages blog post of "The Grand Chandelier," this time looking out over the edge toward the house right organ grille area.

A lovely view by Mr. Nugent looking out from the center toward some deco ceiling ornament. Thanks, Howard!  See the Pantages blog post on "The Grand Chandelier" for 4 more photos as well as a nice commentary.

An amazing peek down into the Pantages chandelier. Here the chandelier is relamped by climbing down inside it rather than lowering it by a winch, the more standard design. Thanks to Howard Nugent for the photo. Before his retirement he was the master electrician at the Pantages.

In the attic looking down through the access hole toward the chandelier. Photo: Howard Nugent - 2013

Part way down. Photo: Howard Nugent - 2013

The view from the chandelier back up toward the attic access hole. Photo: Howard Nugent - 2013. Thanks, Howard!  

A proscenium view from the balcony. Photo: Don Solosan - 2010. Don's photos seen here originally appeared on the LAHTF Facebook page to promote the organization's August 2010 "all-about" theatre tour.  Thanks, Don!

Across the house from the front of the balcony.  Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF - 2010.

More auditorium photos from the LAHTF: across the main floor - Don Solosan - 2010 | auditorium ceiling - 2013 - Stephen Russo |

A proscenium shot from the balcony by Ben Catalan. It's a 2016 photo he posted on Photos of Los Angeles. Thanks, Ben!

Thanks to Albert Domasin on Flickr for this luscious look at the proscenium and the fire curtain. Check out all 53 photos in his 2010 LAHTF Pantages Tour set.

A great proscenium detail taken from the balcony by Steve Shriver on Flickr. See the 57 terrific views in his Hollywood Pantages Theatre set. They were taken taken at the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation's 2010 "all about" tour.

A balcony shot by John Edward Linden. This is one in a set of seven from Arcaid Images taken to document the 2000 restoration of the Pantages by SPF Architects.

The chandelier as viewed from the balcony. It's a 2016 Ben Catalan photo on Photos of Los Angeles

A 2006 chandelier detail by Ashley Collins Sheets on Flickr. Also by Ms. Sheets: facade at duskstage view - "Foo Fighters" |

A look at several of the balcony soffit fixtures from the website of Litemakers. The firm was the supplier of many of the lighting fixtures for the 2000 renovation project at the theatre.  You can get an idea of this company's other projects on their restoration page. 

One of the balcony soffit fixtures. Photo: Mike Hume - 2015

A peek into the auditorium from the main floor inner lobby. Thanks to Mike Hume for his 2016 photo. See the great Pantages Theatre section on his website for additional photos, technical data and more.

A great shot of the auditorium chandelier taken following the 2000 restoration. Thanks to scenic artist and restoration expert Amy Higgins for the photo. It's on her Pantages Hollywood page that details her work on the project.

A view of the Pantages proscenium with the fire curtain down during the 2000 restoration. Note the work going on over on the stage right sidestage.  It's from the page about the Pantages Hollywood.

A balcony view following the 2000 restoration It's a Richard Glenn photo on the Pantages Hollywood page of Amy Higgins' website.

The auditorium scaffolded for the 2000 restoration with Amy Higgins at work on the ceiling. See her Pantages Hollywood page for more views of the work she did.

A closer look at Ms. Higgins doing ceiling restoration work in 2000. 

Amy Higgins working on some deco details. Her dazzling work on the 2000 Nederlander renovation of the theatre while working with Evergreene Architectural Arts included plaster restoration, decorative painting and gold leaf work. See her Pantages Hollywood page for more photos of her work on the project.  Thanks for the photos, Amy!

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