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Orpheum Theatre: backstage

842 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014 | map |

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The stage as seen from the balcony during a load-in. Thanks to Mike Hume for his 2017 photo. Visit his Historic Theatre Photography site for tech data and hundreds of terrific photos of the theatres he's explored. And don't miss his page on the Orpheum.

Proscenium: 50' wide 28'6" high

Stage depth: 29' from smoke pocket to back wall

Apron depth: 3'

Stage wall to wall: 81'

Grid height: 60'10"

Linesets: 20 available with 750 lb. capacity arbors, 52' long pipes

Lockrail: At stage level stage left. The system was a 1926 Peter Clark installation that's been upgraded. Theatre historian (and former Orpheum Theatre general manager) Ed Kelsey notes that this was the first counterweight system installed on Broadway. 

Loading: The doors offstage left go to the alley and a large parking lot beyond.

Dressing rooms:  A star room at stage level stage right plus others upstairs stage right, all served by an elevator.

Trap room: 20' x 40'

Orchestra pit: 5' below stage level, no pit lift but organ lift at center. The pit capacity is about 16 musicians. There's also an 8' x 10' scissor lift from auditorium to stage level rated 4,000 pounds.

Organ: The Orpheum's Wurlitzer is the only one remaining in a downtown theatre. The console can move to either side of the pit or be disconnected for storage backstage.

F.O.H. hanging points: 24' out from apron, 54' above seating area.

Hanging points at proscenium: 34' above stage level

House mix position: Rear of main floor. Cable run to the apron: 118'

Stage power: There are 3 400 amp 3 phase switches, a 60 amp 3 phase disconnect on the grid and a 100 amp 3 phase audio disconnect.

Balcony Rail: 30 circuits. Throw to apron at centerline: 42'

F.O.H. Truss: 60 circuits. Throw to stage with truss 35' high: 37'

Box Booms: 12 circuits per side. Throw to apron at centerline: 52'

F.O.H. Circuits: all patchable on fly floor S.R.

Original dimmer board: still in place stage left

Stage Dimmers: 288 2Kw Colortran ENR

Projection: 2 Simplex XL with 4.2 Kw lamps, 1 16mm Norelco with a 2K lamp

More Information: See the general information on the Orpheum Theatre's tech page down below the form that's at the top of the page.

A look down the center aisle toward the bare stage. Thanks to Don Solosan for his c.2009 photo taken for the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation. No bare concrete here. Note the nice green tile we get on the upstage wall.

A peek over toward the counterweight system T-wall stage left. Photo: Bill Counter - 2017

A look offstage left from the interactive tour on the Orpheum Theatre website's gallery page.

A photo of part of the T-wall from Dejon Ellis Jr. It was one of five views of the theatre in a post on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

A view across to stage right from the interactive tour on the Orpheum Theatre website's gallery page.

Thanks to Ken Roe for this 2005 photo on Cinema Treasures.  On the right those are the loading doors to the alley.

A 2010 cell phone vista to upstage right from Edward Havens on the Cinema Treasures page about the Orpheum.

A dressing room photo the Orpheum Theatre website's gallery page.

A look out at the parking lot behind the Orpheum from one of the dressing rooms. The 2010 photo was once on the Orpheum Theatre Facebook page but seems to have pulled a disappearing act.

A chorus room. Thanks to the theatre for the photo, one appearing on the the Orpheum Theatre website's gallery page.

The house from onstage. Thanks to the Orpheum for the photo. It was a 2017 post on the Orpheum Facebook page.

A view onstage from the front row. Photo: Mike Hume - 2017

A Gary Leonard photo looking onto the bare stage. It was featured in the DTLA News article "2016 Best of LA: Miscellany." They gave the Orpheum the nod for Most Beautiful Historic Theatre.

Backstage in the Movies: We spend a lot of time backstage at the Orpheum for a folk music concert supposedly at Town Hall in New York City in Christopher Guest's folk music satire "A Mighty Wind" (Warner Bros., 2003). See the Theatres in Movies post for shots from the film.

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