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Downtown: theatre list by address

This directory is for theatres between:
- The Los Angeles River on the east
- Figueroa St. on the west (plus a few outliers farther west)
- 18th St. on the south
- 1st St. on the north ( + a few blocks farther north on Main and Spring)

For a wider geographic area head to the main Los Angeles County Theatres by Street Address or the Los Angeles County Theatres Alphabetical List.

230 E. 1st St.

Progressive/Tivoli Theatre
320 E. 1st St.

Fuji Kan/Linda Lea Theatre
324 E. 1st St.
414 E. 1st St.

2ND ST. 

631 W. 2nd St.
[music and dance events]

 3RD ST. 

Lux/Bear/Rose/Anita Theatre
827 W. 3rd St.

Tunnel Theatre
712 W. 3rd St.

Empire/Unique Theatre
128 E. 3rd St.


no listings


Biltmore Theatre
520 W. 5th St.

Hazard's Pavilion
W. 5th St. @ Olive
Philharmonic Auditorium
427 W. 5th St.

Globe/Jewel Theatre
202 - 204 E. 5th St.
224 E. 5th St.

Metropolitan Theatre
257 E. 5th St.

Bell Theatre
314 E. 5th St.

El Rodeo Theatre
807 E. 5th St.

6TH  ST.
827 W. 6th St.

Metropolitan/Paramount Theatre
323 W. 6th St.


 Playhouse Theatre/Teragram Ballroom
1234 W. 7th St. 
[music venue]

Alamo Drafthouse
750 W. 7th St.
[opening 2019]

Warner Downtown
401 W. 7th St.
[jewelry mart]

Palace Theatre
318 W. 7th St.

State Theatre
306 W. 7th Street
[concerts, special events]

Dorkel/Merryland/Columbia Theatre

1015 E. 7th St.

1709 W. 8th St.
[senior lunchroom]

Olympic Theatre
313 W. 8th St.

RKO Hillstreet Theatre
8th & Hill

1002 W. 9th St. 

Idylwild Theatre
2361 E. 9th St. (now Olympic Blvd.) 

11TH ST.

no listings

<<< west side    east side >>>

Bradley Blvd. / 1st St.

Mason Theatre
127 S. Broadway
L.A. Times
220 1st St.

2nd St. 

Blanchard Music Hall
233 S. Broadway

Royal Theatre
246 S. Broadway

3rd St.

Bradbury Bldg.
304 S. Broadway
(George Wyman, 1893)
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307 S. Broadway
[new tenant: CoBird]

Central Theatre
314 S. Broadway

Grand Central Market/
Homer Laughlin Bldg.
317 S. Broadway
(John Parkinson, 1897
Hill St. addition, 1905)

Cozy Theatre
320 S. Broadway

4th St.
Broadway Department Store
SW corner Broadway and 4th
Broadway Theatre
428 S. Broadway, Judson Bldg.
(Charles Aldrich, 1906)

Eden Musee/ Wonderland
430 S. Broadway
Bumiller/Campbell Blake Bldg.
(1907) [ retail ]

Optic Theatre
446 1/2 S. Broadway

American Theatre
452 S. Broadway

Chester Williams Building
452-460 S. Broadway
(Alec Curlett & Claud Beelman, 1926)
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5th St.
Title Guarantee/
Jewelry Trades Bldg.
220 W. 5th St. @ Broadway 
(Morgan, Walls & Morgan, 1912)
Walker's Department Store
SW corner Broadway & 5th
- later Milliron's and Ohrbach's)

La Petite Theatre
508 S. Broadway

Johnson/Pettebone Bldg.
510-12-14 S. Broadway
(Robert Brown Young, 1905)

Roxie Theatre
518 S. Broadway
[retail, storage]

Quinn's Superba
518 S. Broadway

523 S. Broadway
[remodeled - retail]

Cameo Theatre
528 S. Broadway
[retail, storage]

Arcade Theatre
534 S. Broadway
[retail, storage]

Arcade Building
540 S. Broadway 
(McDonald & Couchot, 1923)

547 S. Broadway
[remodeled - retail]

Metropolitan Theatre
553 S. Broadway, 323 W. 6th St.
[theatre demolished, Broadway
entrance now retail]

Tally's New Broadway
554 S. Broadway

Swelldom/Sun Drug Bldg.
555 S. Broadway
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6th St.

Walter P. Story Bldg.
610 S. Broadway
(Morgan & Walls, 1910)
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Desmond's Department Store
612-616 S. Broadway
(Albert C. Martin, 1923. Street
level re-do Claud Beelman, 1933)

Symphony Theatre
614 S. Broadway

615 S. Broadway
[special events]

Schaber's Cafeteria
620 S. Broadway

629 S. Broadway

630 S. Broadway
[rentals, special events]

Palace of Pictures
642 S. Broadway
Forrester Bldg. (1907)

J.E. Carr Building
646 S. Broadway
(Robert Brown Young, 1909)

648 S. Broadway

Haas Building
650 S. Broadway
(Morgan, Walls & Morgan, 1914; 
new facade,1974)

7th St.

State Theatre
703 S. Broadway + an early
entrance on 7th St.

Lankershim Hotel
700 S. Broadway
(1905, demolished
-- now a parking garage, 1992)
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<<< 1/ 2 block west
Palace Theatre
318 W. 7th St.

Globe Theatre
744 S. Broadway
[club, music events]

Chapman / L.A.
Investment Co. Building
756 S. Broadway
 (Ernest McConnell, 1912)
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Merritt Building
757 S. Broadway
(Reid & Reid, 1915)
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<<< 1/ 2 block west
Olympic Theatre
313 W. 8th St. + an entrance on
700 block of Broadway (in the 30s)
[retail, COS]

8th St.

Arrow Theatre
801 S. Broadway, 5th floor

Hamburger's Dept. Store
aka May Co., Broadway Trade Center
801 S. Broadway
(Alfred Rosenheim, 1908;
expanded southward, 1929)

[getting remodeled]

Tower Theatre
802 S. Broadway

Garrick Theatre
802 S. Broadway

Southern California Music Co.
aka Singer Building
808 S. Broadway |
(Meyer & Holler, 1922)
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Rialto Theatre
812 S. Broadway
[Urban Outfitters]

 Wurlitzer Building
818 S. Broadway
(Walker & Eisen, 1924)
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Brown-Israel Outfitting
820 S. Broadway
(Benjamin J. Bloser, 1922)
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Tally's Broadway
833 S. Broadway

Platt Music Co.
834 S. Broadway
(Walker & Eisen, 1927)
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Mission Theatre
838 S. Broadway

Orpheum Theatre
842 S. Broadway
[concerts, rentals]

Majestic Theatre
845 S. Broadway
Eastern Columbia Bldg.
849 S. Broadway
(Claud Beelman, 1930)
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9th & Broadway Bldg.
850 S. Broadway
(Claud Beelman, 1930)
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9th St.

Blackstone Dept. Store
901 S. Broadway
(John Parkinson, 1917)

United Artists / Theatre at Ace Hotel
933 S. Broadway
[theatre and Ace Hotel]

Western Costume Lofts
939 S. Broadway
(Kenneth MacDonald Jr., 1923)
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Olympic Blvd. 

<< looking toward Hill St.
[Mayan and Belasco stagehouses]

L.A. Transit Bldg., aka
Railway Bldg., Huntington Bldg.
1050-1070 S. Broadway
(Noerenberg & Johnson, 1920
-- built by Howard Huntington,
son of Henry) 

11th St. 

Case Hotel aka YWCA,
Commercial Club, Job Corps Bldg.
1100-1106 Broadway
(Curlett & Beelman, 1925-26)

Herald Examiner Bldg.
1111 S. Broadway
 (Julia Morgan, 1914)
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12th St.

Pico Blvd.
[ end of the Broadway listings ]


Angelus Theatre
932 S. Central Ave. 
1007 S. Central Ave.

Angelus Theatre
1018 S. Central Ave.

Airdome Moving Picture Theatre
1156 S. Central Ave.
1629 S. Central Ave.

14-16-18 Court St. (later 114 Court)


Laemmle's Grande
345 S. Figueroa St.
[classroom use]

Variety Arts Theatre
940 S. Figueroa St.
[undergoing renovation]

Musart Theatre
1320 S. Figueroa St.

Turnverein Hall
1345 S. Figueroa St.
[moved, demolished]

Ebell Club
1719 S. Figueroa St.


Alamo Drafthouse
7th & Flower
[opening 2019]


Ahmanson Theatre
135 N. Grand Ave.
[Broadway musicals, plays]

 Mark Taper Forum
135 N. Grand Ave.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
135 N. Grand Ave.
[L.A. Opera, other events]

Disney Hall
111 S. Grand Ave.
[L.A. Philharmonic]

Biltmore Theatre
S. Grand at 5th St.

Kinema/Criterion Theatre
642 S. Grand Ave.

Grand Theatre 
730 S. Grand Ave.

Trinity/Embassy Auditorium
855 S. Grand Ave.

<<< west side    east side >>>

4th St.

Subway Terminal Building
417 S. Hill St.
(Schultz & Weaver, 1925) | Wikipedia |

Town Theatre
444 S. Hill St.

449 S. Hill St.

Title Guarantee Building
5th & Hill, 411 W. 5th St.
(Parkinson & Parkinson, 1930)

Pershing Square Building
448 S. Hill St.
(Curlett & Beelman, 1924)

 5th St.

Pershing Square

536 S. Hill St.

6th St.

608 S. Hill St.

William Fox Building
608 S. Hill St.
(S. Tilden Norton, 1931)

Sun Realty Building / L.A. Jewelry Center
629 S. Hill St.
(Claud Beelman, 1931) 

Harris & Frank /Wholesale Jewelry Mart
635 S. Hill St.
(Curlett & Beelman, 1925)

Warner Downtown
401 W. 7th St. St.@ Hill
[jewelry mart]

7th St.

1/2 block east >>>
Palace Theatre
318 W. 7th St.

731 S. Hill St.

1/2 block east >>>
Olympic Theatre
313 W. 8th St. 
[COS store] 

8th St.
801 S. Hill St.

Hamburger's / May Co. 

[Orpheum facade from Hill St.]

9th St. 
[back of the UA from Hill St.]

Olympic Blvd. 

1038 S. Hill St.

1050 S. Hill St.

11th St. 
[ end of the Hill St. listings ]


Hope & 2nd
[music and dance events]

Simpson's Auditorium

730 S. Hope St.
[mostly demolished]

Gamut Club Auditorium
1044 S. Hope St.


Mandarin Theatre

323 Jackson St.


Sanchez Hall
 425 N. Los Angeles St.


See the Main Street Theatres page.


Chinese Theatre
Marchessault St. near Alameda


Hazard's Pavilion
S. Olive at 5th St.

Philharmonic Auditorium

S. Olive at 5th St.

Biltmore Theatre
S. Olive at 5th St.

Teatro Torito

W-12 Olvera St. 

Olvera St./Leo Carillo Theatre
W-10 Olvera St.


Regal Cinemas
1000 W. Olympic Blvd. 
[first run movies]

Idylwild Theatre
2361 E. Olympic Blvd. @
Santa Fe - originally E. 9th St.)

736 W. Pico Blvd.

W. Pico & Georgia

618 San Fernando St.


Garden Theatre
1221-23 S. San Pedro St. 


See the Spring Street Theatres page.

1044 W. Temple St.

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