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Fox Wilshire/Saban Theatre: the stage

8440 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | map |

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The auditorium from onstage. Thanks to John Hough for his 2017 photo, one of many fine views on the Saban Theatre page of, the website he does with Mark Mulhall.

A section view of the theatre from the the tech page on the Saban website.

Proscenium: 50' wide x 31' high

Stage depth: Smoke pocket to backwall: 25' 6"   Smoke pocket to front of apron: 5' 6"

Centerline to stage left wall: 39'

Centerline to lockrail stage right: 32' 4"

Orchestra pit: 6' below stage level, 2' 6" below first row seating level. Access is via stairs offstage right.

Grid height: 67'

Grid to roof: 6'

Rigging: 46 sets operated stage right at stage level except for 12 sets that are up 10' in a crow's nest. 52' long battens, 57' 6" high trim. High trim is only 49' for sets 12 to 24. Arbor capacity varies from 1,670 to 2,000 lbs.

Stage floor: Unsprung, covered with black masonite.

House Lights: Operated stage right or in the house. The original dimmerboard has been removed. It was a split system with the houselight half of the board up in the booth. There were transfer switches so that some circuits could be operated from either the booth or backstage.

Dimmers: 192 Entertainment Technologies Capio 2.4Kw in a rack downstage right with Socapex outputs.

Lighting control: Martin M1. Lighting and sound control is at the rear of the main floor.

F.O.H. patch: Pin connector tails downstage right for rail, boom, and truss circuits.

Box booms: 72' to downstage center

Balcony rail: Approximately 65' to downstage center

House truss: Typical position is 30' above the auditorium floor with a 35' throw to downstage center.

Road Power: 3 400A 3 phase Camlock disconnects downstage right, 1 200A switch stage left

Projection: Panasonic PT-D5500U on rail (5,800 lumens), Christie Solaria Series 4K CP4220 in booth (22,000 lumens), 2 Simplex 35/70s.

Screen: The 20' x 46' screen hangs about 3' upstage of the asbestos. Throw to booth 165'.

Followspots: 2 strong Xenon Super Troupers

Loading door: Upstage left

Crossover: There's a door upstage right that leads to a covered walkway along the backwall of the theatre out to the street.

The dressing room layout, a drawing from the Saban website the tech page.

Dressing Rooms: All are offstage right at stage level. There are two star rooms with toilet and shower. There are two additional small rooms and two larger chorus rooms, all without toilets and showers -- they're in the hall. A 14' x 16' multi-purpose room can serve for wardrobe or other uses. Two washers and two dryers are upstairs from the multi-purpose room in a separate area.

More tech info: See the tech page on the Saban website. 

Offstage right. A look in toward the F.O.H. patchbay in the nook formerly the location of the dimmerboard. The dimmer rack and company switches are around to the right. Photo: John Hough - - 2017 

A view upstage along the lockrail. Photo: Bill Counter - 2017 

A 1930 look behind the screen at the Fox Wilshire's speaker system. The Mott Studios photo is in the California State Library collection. It's one of seventeen photos in their set #001386544. It's the only onstage photo they have.

Note the wide screen -- they were ready for Grandeur, Magnascope, or other wide film experiments of the era. The counterweights we see at the right are for the motorized masking. It's a Western Electric model 16A speaker system, a "compact" unit designed to be flown. It was introduced in 1929.

The dressing room corridor. Photo: John Hough - - 2017

A dressing room view Photo: John Hough - - 2017

Pages about the Fox Wilshire/Saban Theatre: history + exterior views | lobby areas | recent auditorium views | vintage auditorium views | back to top - stage | booth

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