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State Theatre: recent auditorium views

703 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014  | map |

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A detail of the area below the house left organ grille. Thanks to Michael Cowan for his 2016 photo, added as a comment on the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page.

A view from the balcony. Thanks to Hunter Kerhart for his January 2014 photo. Keep up with his explorations: on Facebook | | on Flickr

A fine look at the center of the State's ceiling. Note the light coming in from above through the ceiling's latticework. The photo originally appeared on the Bringing Back Broadway Facebook page in 2015. Thanks!

Looking across the State's balcony. Photo: Stephen Russo - LAHTF Facebook page - January 2014

The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is actively involved in the study and preservation of the vintage theatres in the L.A. area. The group frequently supports events and offers tours of various historic theatres. | LAHTF on Facebook

The State's amazing lattice ceiling and chandelier. The chandelier isn't original -- there wasn't one when the theatre opened. Photo: Stephen Russo - LAHTF Facebook page - January 2014

Hillsman Wright of the LAHTF notes that it was added when Fanchon and Marco were producing the elaborate prologues that accompanied the features. The chandelier changed color as desired for different segments of the presentation. Wright says they never missed an opportunity to carry the spectacle of their presentations out into the auditorium.

A wide angle balcony vista. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - January 2014

The whole panorama. Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF Facebook page - January 2014. Thanks, Wendell. Also see his 2017 photo from the house left side of the balcony taken during the tour by the League of Historic American Theatres.

A panoramic view from house left. Thanks to Mike Hume for his 2017 photo. The occasion was a tour for the Theatre Historical Society Conclave. See more of Mike's fine work on his Historic Theatre Photography page about the State. The photo also appears on the Wikipedia page on the State Theatre that Mike contributed to. 

A detail of the area above the proscenium. Photo: Stephen Russo - LAHTF Facebook page - January 2014

A look toward the stage from the rear of the main floor in 2007. It's a photo by Ken McIntyre on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

A look in from the rear of the main floor. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007 

The organ grille area house left.  Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

A house right organ grille area shot in 2007 by Ken McIntyre. It was the last photo he was able to get before he was thrown out. Theatre photography sometimes requires bravery. The photo appeared on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

Another proscenium view from the balcony. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

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