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State Theatre: recent exterior views

703 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014  | map |

The State Theatre pages: history | vintage exterior views | recent exterior views | ticket lobby | lobbies and lounges | vintage auditorium views | recent auditorium views | projection booth | backstage | basement cafeteria |

South on Broadway from 7th St. Thanks to Hunter Kerhart for his 2013 photo. Keep up with his explorations: on Facebook | | on Flickr

Looking north on Broadway toward 7th St. The Woolworth building at the time of the photo was being remodeled into a store for Ross. See the postcard view of the Woolworth's lunch counter ("Longest in the World") from the Michelle Gerdes collection on Photos of Los Angeles. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

The State from diagonally across the 7th and Broadway intersection. Photo: Mike Hume - 2017. See more of Mike's fine work on his Historic Theatre Photography page about the State.

A marquee view from the glamorous parking garage across the street. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2013.

A closer look at the marquee. Photo: Mike Hume - October 2017. Thanks, Mike! 

Another entrance view during the church era. Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

The view west on 7th St. from Broadway past the State Theatre Building. A block away at Hill St. one can glimpse the vertical sign of the Warner, now saying "Diamonds." Photo: Hunter Kerhart - October 7, 2012

A corner view of the building in 2007. Photo: Bill Counter

The view down on the marquee from the 6th floor of the Bullock's Building. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

The 7th street facade. Photo: Mike Hume - 2017

The center of the 7th St. side of the building. We're looking at the location of the 7th St. entrance -- in use until 1936. Looking up the building, the brackets for support of the 7th St. vertical are still visible. Photo: Bill Counter - 2010

A stagehouse view as we look north. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2016. The photo was taken hanging off a fire escape on the back of a building fronting on Hill St. The low roof on the right is the Woolworth's / Ross Dress For Less building. Thanks, Hunter!

An aerial view. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2014. Yes, Hunter chartered a helicopter to take photos of the tops of theatres. Hunter goes everywhere for his architectural photography adventures. See what he's been up to lately: on Facebook | | on Flickr

The vista down the alley from 7th St. toward the stage door. The grayish concrete structure past the ventilation duct isn't the stagehouse -- it's part of the Woolworth Building beyond. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

Looking north in the alley back toward 7th St. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012 

Another view back toward 7th St. We're looking up the stairs toward one of the balcony exits. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

 In the alley looking toward the stagehouse. The fire escapes at the right are from the dressing rooms. The stage door is hidden behind the black fencing. Photo: Bill Counter - 2012

The State Theatre as seen from the roof of the Palace Theatre, 630 S. Broadway. It's a Gary Leonard photo appearing in the photo gallery on the Palace Theatre website.

Both theatres, along with the Tower and the Los Angeles, are owned by the Delijani family's Broadway Theatre Group. They commissioned Leonard to photograph their four theatres. Also visit the Broadway Theatre Group's site for The State.

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