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Egyptian Theatre: backstage

6712 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 | map |

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Backstage? What backstage?  Some proscenium damage was done in the 1955 TODD-AO renovations. What wasn't removed then was lost in the more disastrous renovation for the D-150 screen installation in 1968 where the entire stage was removed as well. The center of the deeply curved screen was pushed almost to the back wall.

But there are still the two floors of dressing rooms offstage left. Here we're looking up toward the second floor. New stairs were installed for the American Cinematheque renovations of the building but the dressing rooms themselves are relatively untouched.  Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Dressing rooms second  floor. New stairs, old wall. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Dressing rooms second floor: hieroglyphics of unknown vintage. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Old Egyptian-themed furniture in a second floor dressing room. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

A closer look at that Egyptian dresser. Thanks to Alison Martino for her 2017 photo appearing on the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page. The Egyptian Tour '06 photo set on Flickr by Pleasure Palate also has several dressing room furniture views.

Peeking out from inside the house right singer's box. These areas were used for soloists. There weren't any organ chambers in these side wall areas -- the organ spoke through a tone chute directing the sound through the perforated plaster sunburst above the proscenium. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

 In one of the dressing rooms upstairs stage left. Photo: Mike Hume - 2016

Props and items of decor on the dressing room stairs. Photo: Mike Hume - 2016. 

Standing onstage in 2017. Well, we're looking out from what would have been upstage left when the stage was still here. Much of that black ceiling area above was once behind the proscenium. Photo: Mike Hume

Thanks, Mike! His Egyptian photo set originally appeared on the LAHTF Facebook page. Over 200 of his fine photos are in his Theatre set on Flickr. For more treats visit the Historic Theatre Photography section of his website. You can also find him on the Historic Theatre Photography Facebook page.

Looking across the footlights and orchestra pit in 1922. Note the interesting contour of the back of the proscenium at the top of the image. Photo: Los Angeles Public Library

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