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Egyptian Theatre: street views 1955 to present

1955 - "You're in the Show with TODD-AO." Screwing in the last few light bulbs. The Egyptian was the first theatre in Los Angeles to be equipped for the process. It's a Ralph Morris photo in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

1955 - The ladies are up admiring the neon installed on the Egyptian marquee for the roadshow presentation of "Oklahoma." The photo is in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.  It can also be seen on Martin Hart's great site American Widescreen Museum. See his TODD-AO section.

1955 - A wonderful view of the "Oklahoma" signage added by Bill Gabel to the Cinema Treasures collection. It was at one time on the site's page for the Egyptian.

1955 - The Egyptian facade at night during the run of "Oklahoma." Thanks to Ken McIntyre for the photo on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

1955 - A delightful view looking west during the run of "Oklahoma" at the Egyptian. It's in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

1957 - A shot of the Egyptian during the April premiere of "Spirit of St. Louis." It's on Ken McIntyre's Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page. Another "Spirit of St. Louis" photo appears in the AMPAS B'hend and Kaufmann Collection.

1957 - A view of the Egyptian running "Pal Joey" with Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak. It appeared as a post by Ken McIntyre on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.

1957 - "Pal Joey" ballyhoo on the sidewalk: "He's in love with Rita and Kim and not with us!" It's on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page from Ken McIntyre. Thanks, Ken!

1959 - A look at the Egyptian for the opening of "Pillow Talk." Thanks to Bill Gabel for posting this one on Photos of Los Angeles. It can also be seen in the Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann Collection, part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collections.

1959 - Thanks to Eitan Alexander for this December 3, 1959 shot of the theatre hosting a benefit screening of "Ben-Hur" for the Burbank Symphony. The photo appeared on the cover of "Hollywood's Greatest Themes," Volume 10 of the Longines Symphonette Society's "Family Library of Beautiful Listening," 1973.

It was a post of Eitan's on the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles. He lists the signage visible from left to right: Union Pacific Railroad Co., The Orient Art Goods, Harry Dine Menswear, the Egyptian, Pig' N Whistle (seems to be replaced here by another cafe sign), Citizen's National Bank, Hollywood Inn Hotel, Miller's Books & Stationery.

1959/60 - The signage for the run of "Ben-Hur." The photo was a contribution to this project from Eddy LA. The photographer is not known. The film was in 70mm Ultra Panavision, (a format with a 2.76 to 1 aspect ratio) and opened November 25, 1959 for what would be a 98 week run.

1961 - The Egyptian running "King of Kings." Thanks to Ken McIntyre for the post on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page. The theatre during this engagement also shows up in a short Hollywood Blvd. film clip from Getty Images.

1963 - Thanks to Richard Wojcik on Vintage Los Angeles for this holiday shot looking east. It was taken right after Christmas following the opening of "The Cardinal."

1964 -  This nice shot of the marquee for "My Fair Lady" which ran 68 weeks in 1964 and 1965 is on the site

1965 - Thanks to Warren Beckerman for this photo he took looking in toward the entrance doors during the run of "My Fair Lady."

1966 - A great view of the "World Famous" Egyptian set up for the premiere of "How to Steal a Million" from da90027 on Flickr. It's in his "Old Los Angeles & Nostalgia" collection which also contains many other wonders. The photo also appears on Vintage Los Angeles, credited to the Beverly Hills Public Library. There's also a re-post on VLA and yet another re-post.

1966 - Looking down on the Egyptian during the run of "Hawaii." Ken McIntyre found the shot for the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page. The photo also appears on the Water & Power Associates Museum page "Early L.A. Buildings (1900-1925) page 3."

1966 - We look a bit farther west in another "Hawaii" view from Ken McIntyre on Photos of Los Angeles. The film opened October 13 for a 52 week run. Down the street there's a glimpse of the Hollywood Theatre and the stagehouse of the El Capitan.

1969 - A Los Angeles Public Library photo of the Egyptian running the roadshow engagement of "Funny Girl" -- the first film after the D-150 remodeling.

1972 - A look at the premiere of "Poseidon Adventure" from the collection of Brian Boskind on Facebook. He notes: "On Dec 14, 1972 a Christmas float driven by Groucho Marx in a Santa costume, carried the Poseidon cast to the Egyptian where a big premier event was televised. Then the cast split into groups and were flown by helicopters to various other theaters in the city for late night screenings." Thanks, Brian!  The photo also appears on the Facebook page The Poseidon Adventure 1972.

1973 - Ed Ruscha, perhaps better known for "Twentysix Gasoline Stations" and "Every Building on the Sunset Strip," also had a fling with Hollywood Blvd. Here we get a look at the Egyptian in 1973 and 2002.

The video, "Ed Ruscha's Hollywood Blvd.," part of the Getty's "Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.," is a 5 minute look up one side of the street and then down the other. It can be seen on YouTube.

c.1973 - A look west at the Egyptian I-II-III running as a moveover house: "2 big Features" in the main auditorium. The photo on Vintage Los Angeles is from the Mark London collection. The Egyptian II and III were added in a store building facing on Las Palmas in a 1972 expansion. The main auditorium remained untouched.

In the photo beyond the Egyptian we see the Hollywood Theatre and the El Capitan, here in its Loew's days. It went back to being called the Paramount by mid-1974.

c.1975 - A great view looking west from the Richard Wojcik collection on Vintage Los Angeles.

1977 - This shot of the Egyptian was once posted by Alison Martino on the page for the non-public group Mid Century Modern Los Angeles but Facebook seems to have mislaid it. Thanks, Alison!

1978 - Scott Santoro's photo gives us a look at the Egyptian during the run of a 70mm revival of "The Sound of Music" in the summer of 1978. Thanks, Scott!

1979 - A look at a gathering waiting to see "Alien." It was added to the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page by contributor Laurel Canyon Rider.

1980 - A shot from the American Classic Images website with the Egyptian running "The Changeling," a March release. Thanks to Ken McIntyre for the post on Photos of Los Angeles.

1980 - A summer photo from Antoine Guilbaud on Photos of Los Angeles of the theatre running "The Empire Strikes Back." He's also got it on Vintage Los Angeles.

1983 - A shot from American Classic Images with the Egyptian running "The Verdict."  Ken McIntyre had it as a post on Photos of Los Angeles. Also see a December 1982 daytime "Verdict" view from American Classics.

1983 - "Return of The Jedi" is playing in this view on Cinema Treasures. It was added to their collection by John Rice. Thanks, John!

1989 - A Los Angeles Public Library photo of the Egyptian as a triplex with the feature in the big house "The Fly II."

1990s - Thanks to Bill Gabel for this shot of the abandoned theatre that he posted on Cinema Treasures. American Cinematheque got it in 1996.

2002 - A Betty Sword photo of the entrance of the Egyptian from the Cezar Del Valle Theatre Talks collection. Thanks, Cezar!  The theatre reopened in 1998 after the renovations by the American Cinematheque.

2007 - A view looking into the restored forecourt. Photo: Bill Counter

2012 - Ken McIntyre's look at the vertical sign. It's a post on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles. Also see a photo of the Pig & Whistle signage next door.

2013 - The white building, formerly the Egyptian 2 & 3, is now the Arena Cinema. Behind it is the original theatre with an interesting view of the back of the forecourt wall. We're looking west across Las Palmas Ave. Photo: Bill Counter

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