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Warner Hollywood: street views 1955 - present

1956 - A look down the street with the Warner running "Cinerama Holiday."  That's the Iris (later renamed the Fox) on the right. It's a postcard from the now vanished website Yesterday LA.

1957 - The Warner running "Seven Wonders of the World" in a view from Superstock. The photo also appears on the Warner Theatre page of Roland Lataille's website In Cinerama.

1958 - Another look at the Warner during the "7 Wonders of the World" run. Ken McIntyre found it for his Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.

1959 - Looking east east on Hollywood Blvd. toward the Academy Theatre (later called the Holly) and, down beyond Wilcox, the Warner. The Warner is running "South Seas Adventure" in three strip Cinerama. It's a photo from the collection of Sean Ault.  Thanks, Sean!

1960 / 1961 - "World's Greatest Attraction" Thanks to Alison Martino for posting this colorful view from the Richard Wojcik collection on the non-public Facebook group Mid Century Modern. The Warner is doing a revival run of "This Is Cinerama" which ran for 22 weeks beginning November 2, 1960.

1961 - A postcard view of the October 26 premiere for "Back Street" with Susan Hayward and John Gavin. Note that the Cinerama signage has been temporarily removed. Cinerama would return to the house in August, 1962. It's a card from now-vanished website Yesterday LA.  See Beaudry's Noirish Los Angeles post #1165 for a great array of L.A. postcards including a slightly different version of the "Back Street" card.

1961 - The Warner marquee for "Back Street." The photo appears on the Warner page of Roland Lataille's In Cinerama site. It's from a March 14, 1962 article in the Motion Picture Herald.
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1961 - A Christmas season view west toward the Warner. Thanks Ken McIntyre for posting the shot on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.

1962 - Cinerama is back at the Warner. This postcard view was taken during the 28 week run of "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm." It's on the In Cinerama website's Warner page curated by Roland Lataille. The card has also appeared on Photos of Los Angeles and Vintage Los Angeles.

1962 - Another view from the run of "Brothers Grimm" posted on the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles by Andrew Sandoval.

1963 - A photo taken during the 93 week run of  "How The West Was Won" (Cinerama / MGM) located by Cinerama historian Roland Lataille. The film opened for its American premiere engagement  at the Warner February 20, 1963 and ran 93 weeks. The photo, from the April 3, 1963 issue of Motion Picture Herald, appears on Roland's In Cinerama page about the Warner Hollywood.

1963 - An outing for Herald-Examiner newspaper boys. It's a photo in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

1963 - A marquee view from the run of "HTWWW" in the collection of Hollywood Historic Photos. "This performance sold out!"

1963 - A fine look at the Cinerama neon up on the vertical in a December photo. It's on Vintage Los Angeles from the Richard Wojcik collection. Thanks, Richard!

1965 - "Hollywood Blvd. 1965" is a 1 minute+ ride down the street from Alison Martino of Vintage Los Angeles on YouTube. You might also check out a list of additional vintage Hollywood videos on LAist.

1965 - A look west along Hollywood Blvd. from "Vintage Los Angeles" post on the blog Neat Stuff. It's also been seen on the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles.

1966 - A view from the Richard Wojcik collection on the page of the non-public Facebook group Mid Century Modern. We're looking east along Hollywood Blvd. toward the Warner.  Note a bit of the Iris Theatre marquee at the right with the film "Maya" playing. It's the theatre that was later renamed the Fox. 

1966 - Thanks to Warren Beckerman for this "Kaleidoscope" photo he took. The film was a September release. Note that "Cinerama" is down and the "Warner" letters are back up on top of the marquee. The signage would again revert to saying "Cinerama" for the 1968 run of "2001." We also get a look at the Iris down the street.

1966 - Another Warren Beckerman photo taken during the "Kaleidoscope"  run -- this time looking east. That KFWB building just east of the theatre was the first location for the Iris Theatre in 1913. The building came down in 1995.

 1971 - A photo taken during the run of "Clockwork Orange" from the Warner Hollywood page of the informative site From Script To DVD.   The photo is from John Sittig of Pacific Theatres. It's decidedly not in Cinerama although the lettering is still atop the readerboards.  Sorry, there isn't a larger version.

1972 - A view of the facade taken during the run of that great epic "Black Girl." Thanks to Ken McIntyre for the find, one that appeared on the Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page he curates.

1978 - Don't you love the color of that vertical sign?  The theatre has been triplexed and "Animal House" is playing in the big house downstairs.  Thanks to Scott Santoro for the photo he posted on the Los Angeles Theatres Facebook page.

1980 - Thanks to Bill Hardesty for his photo, a post of his on the You know you grew up in Hollywood because... Facebook page.

1981 - A view by Paul Chinn of "protests" in front of the theatre ballyhooing the film "Maniac." The photo is in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.


1986 - The view west toward Wilcox and the Fox Theatre beyond on the left. The photo from Bill Gabel's collection appeared as a post by him on Photos of Los Angeles. The Warner/Pacific is on the right with the Fox on the left -- its vertical bisected by a streetlight post.  Thanks, Bill!

1989 - A shot by Ken McIntyre on Photos of Los Angeles showing the Hollywood Pacific marquee panels getting changed. We're running "Dream Team," "K-9" and "Loverboy" on the three screens.

1992 - The Hollywood Pacific during the riots. It's a Gary Leonard photo in the Los Angeles Public Library collection.

2005 - A look at the signage at night from Ken Roe's Hollywood Pacific set on Flickr. Don't miss Ken's Movie Theatres - USA album with over 700 photos he's taken.

2007 - The building as we look west on Hollywood Blvd. The wood formwork on the side is from the demolished KFWB building.  Photo: Bill Counter

2007 - A look at the signage long after the theatre closed. Sorry, no bargain matinee. And you'll have to walk down to the ArcLight now for those gift certificates.  Photo: Bill Counter

2007 - The west side of the building as we look north on Wilcox Ave. photo: Bill Counter

2008 - A view of the frontage along Wilcox looking south toward Holywood Blvd. It's a photo from indefatigable researcher Ken McIntyre. This is one he has on Photobucket.

2008 - A look at the bulk of the stagehouse end of the building from researcher Ken McIntyre on Photobucket. More from Ken on Photobucket: marquee detail | another marquee detail | west exterior 2008 | arch detail | on the vertical in 2004 -- an L.A. Times photo |

2009 - The view east toward the Warner. That's the Fox Theatre on the right -- here with the marquee just rows of vertical fluorescent tubes. It's been converted to a nightclub operation. Photo: Google Maps. On Google:  a current interactive version

2013 -  Thanks to Ken McIntyre for this look up at one of the towers from the Wilcox side of the building.

2013 - The arches and west exit doors on the Wilcox side of the theatre. Thanks to Ken McIntyre for his photo.

2014 - Thanks to Stephen Russo for this marquee view on the LAHTF Facebook page. It prompted a long thread of very interesting comments about the dormant building. See the overview section here on this site for more post-boardup photos.

2015 - The Warner from above, one of many treats on "Los Angeles," a 6 minute video from Ian Wood on Vimeo. It includes flyovers of Capitol Records, the Griffith Observatory, City Hall, the canals of Venice, Lake Hollywood and more.  Don't miss it!

2017 - Thanks to John Alvarez for his March shot of the boarded up building. It was a post of his on the You know you grew up in Hollywood because... Facebook page.

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