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Wiltern Theatre: booth and attic

3790 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90005  | map |

Pages about the Wiltern: history + exterior views | lobby areas | auditorium | backstage | house basement areas | booth and attic |

One of the doors to the booth in the upper balcony corridor.  Doesn't that sign say "Welcome"? It's a 2014 Sandi Hemmerlein photo. See her Avoiding Regret photo essays "Wiltern Theatre, Public Areas" and "Wiltern, Off Limits Areas" for many more photos. Thanks, Sandi!

The house right booth stairs - looking down to the door out to the upper balcony corridor. Photo: Sandi Hemmerlein - 2014

In the booth. It's a 2014 Hunter Kerhart photo. Keep up with his many explorations on the website and on the Facebook page for Hunter Kerhart Architectural Photography. Thanks for all the great photos, Hunter!

A look across to house left.  Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2014 

The vista out one of the booth ports along a Lycian follow spot. It's a 2014 photo by Mike Hume. You'll find many of his great photos spread around the other Wiltern pages. Head to the Historic Theatre Photography section of his website for his full Wiltern Theatre set as well as hundreds of other theatre photos.  The Wiltern set is also on Flickr. You can also pay him a visit on the Historic Theatre Photography Facebook page. Thanks, Mike!

One of the original control panels in the booth.  Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Out the stage left (west) end of the booth past the ballast resistor room and beyond the echo organ chamber we find the main exhaust fan. Attic access is up the stairs. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2014

The echo organ chamber on the house left side of the booth. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Another upstairs fan room view.  Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

On the stairs, looking back toward the exhaust fan. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

A peek into the attic from up near the booth. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2014

Another attic view -- looking forward toward the proscenium. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking down onto a corner of the main ceiling dome.  Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

An attic catwalk detail. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Pages about the Wiltern: history + exterior views | lobby areas | auditorium | backstage | house basement areas | back to top - booth and attic |

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