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Globe Theatre: attic

744 S. Broadway | map |

Note: The pages about the Globe Theatre are [slowly] getting moved to this site. Until the project is complete you might want to head to the main Globe Theatre page on the old platform for navigation assistance. New pages include: backstage | basement | garland building |

In the attic above the upper house right proscenium box. There's also a ladder down to the box on the house left side. Beyond the plaster wall at the right you'd be looking back into the house right side of the 2nd balcony. The south wall of the building is at the left. Thanks to Hunter Kerhart for his 2014 photo. Keep up with his recent explorations: on Facebook | | on Flickr

An opening above the house right proscenium box. It's been filled in with gypsum blocks. At the top, that's part of the grillework that once backed the arch. There wasn't any remaining evidence of any electrical installation indicating it had once been backlit. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking across the proscenium wall from the slab a level above the upper proscenium box house right. The slanting structure is the bottom of the arched sounding board in front of the proscenium. That's the proscenium wall at the right. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The upper area on top of the sounding board. On the upper left, we see the beginning of the framing for the flat area of the ceiling back over the balcony. The piping going down through the ceiling is part of the sprinkler system -- not original. The 1913 installation included sprinklers only on the grid and in the basement -- standard practice at the time. Photo: Bill Counter -  2014

The house right ladder up to the next level. We say no and go back down through the boxes and up on the house left side instead. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Another look upward from house right. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

A section of the underside of the roof house right. The beams we see are steel with concrete encasement. The roof is a concrete slab. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The slab a level up from the upper proscenium box house left. Over the edge at the extreme right is the ladder down to the box. Note that curved piece of electrical conduit at slab level. It goes to several boxes feeding the ante-proscenium cove lights that are at the bottom of the sounding board. Sadly, there's no access for relamping from here -- you lean a ladder up from the second balcony and slither around the cove on your belly. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

An area to avoid. This triangular area at the back of the house left slab is a shaft going all the way down to the basement. There's a similar one house right. At right is the side wall of the building. At left is the hollow tile wall that forms the back of the upper box. This is just a couple of feet away from the ladder that gets you up to the slab. Of course, this is all by flashlight -- at the time there were no working lights in the attic. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Across the sounding board from the house left side of the attic. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Up at the top of the ladder house left -- looking across the beams. The sounding board is below us, the proscenium wall off to the left. We're at the level of the bottom of the roof trusses. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Down toward the sounding board from house left. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Toward the proscenium wall from house left. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The view diagonally toward the exhaust grille in the center of the auditorium. There's a winch bolted in an upright position to that next truss back for a chandelier in the middle of the exhaust grille. Note the ductwork: this center grille is ducted to the main exhaust fan. The fan room is at the rear of the auditorium above the north (house left) stairs down from the second balcony. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Another look across at the center exhaust duct and the chandelier winch. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

House left, looking toward the rear of the auditorium. It's a shallow attic -- there's no crawl space back over the back half of the second balcony. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

One of the two ventilating grilles above the balcony that are just open to the attic. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

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