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Globe Theatre: recent exterior views

744 S. Broadway | map |

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The Globe surrounded by scaffolding during the project to convert the Garland Building into creative office space. Photo: Bill Counter - July 2018

The theatre during the January 2018 "Night on Broadway" event. Thanks to Mike Hume for his photo. Head to his Historic Theatre Photography site for tech info and many fine photos of the theatres he's explored in Los Angeles and elsewhere. And don't miss his page on the Globe Theatre.

The theatre's entrance on the day of the 2018 "Night on Broadway" event. Photo: Bill Counter

Facade views from the decade earlier:

2007 - The entrance of the closed theatre. The lobby had been used for retail since the 1980s. Photo: Bill Counter

2007 - The nearly abandoned Garland building. The upper floors had been vacant for decades. Photo: Bill Counter

2007 - The marquee after Club 740 came along. It had earlier been the Club Orion. The entrance was via the alley. Note the 1913 Morosco Theatre lettering still on the building behind the marquee. This marquee dates from around 1936. Photo: Bill Counter

2008 - Upscale merchandising on Broadway. Work has been done on the Globe lettering above the readerboards. Somebody spent money on a red paint job and installation of new tubing. Thanks to Monika Seitz Vega for her photo.

2012 - Looking south on Broadway toward the Garland Building/Globe Theatre. Beyond the theatre is the Chapman Building. Across 8th we see the the Tower, Rialto and the Orpheum. The photo was taken from the 6th floor of the Bullock's Building at 7th & Broadway. The upper floors are now parking. That's bit of the State Theatre building on the right. Photo: Bill Counter

2012 - The Garland Building at age 99. Photo: Bill Counter

December 2013 - A lonely night on Broadway. Note the banners on the marquee from new proprietor Eric Chol, starting his restoration project. The bright light down in the next block is from the just restored marquee of the Rialto Theatre, now an Urban Outfitters. Thanks to Hunter Kerhart for the photo. Keep up with his recent explorations: on Facebook | | on Flickr

December 2013 - A Garland Building facade view. Photo: Hunter Kerhart 

December 2013 - The globe at the Globe before its re-do. This revolving world was put on the marquee when the theatre was still called the Newsreel. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 2014 - The south face of the Globe marquee. Photo: Bill Counter

January 2014 - The marquee soffit before restoration. Photo: Bill Counter

January 2014 - Looking down onto the top of the world. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 2014 - Things were getting brighter on Broadway with the letters atop the readerboards getting turned on regularly. The facade was ready for some rejuvenation along with some more upmarket retailers. It would take a few more years. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 2014 - The view north. The garage is parking for the Chapman Building, loft apartments just south of the theatre. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 2014 - Looking south toward the Tower Theatre. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 25, 2014 - The day was the 6th anniversary celebration of the decade-long Bringing Back Broadway initiative. Down the street the Tower, Rialto and Orpheum marquees were also lit. It's a Hunter Kerhart photo that appeared on the LAHTF Facebook page where he asked: "When was the last time you saw all four of these marquees on?"

March 2014 - Erik Chol and an associate begin the restoration of the Globe's marquee. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

March 2014 - The construction fence goes up under the marquee. Photo: Hunter Kerhart 

March 2014 - The marquee restoration is underway. The globe got a coat of primer. Note the vertical shaft extending down from it. There's a pulley but the motor and drive belt were missing. The framework at right is for the support arm that arches up behind the spinning globe. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

March 2014 - The view north on Broadway from on the marquee. That reddish building beyond Ross at 7th & Broadway is the State Theatre. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

March 2014 - Through the south O: the Hamburger's / May Co. Building and the Eastern Columbia. Thanks to Erik Chol for the photo, one that originally appeared on the Globe Theatre Facebook page

March 2014 - The front and sides of the marquee have the old paint removed and the globe on top got a new paint job. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

April 2014 - Checking out the facade lettering from on top of the marquee. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

April 2014 - Prime coat applied on the front and sides of the marquee. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

April 2014 - Broadway got flashier when the finish coat was applied around the readerboard area. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

May 2014 - Brianmojo caught the sign company installing the new readerboard faces and neon trim for a post on Instagram.

June 2014 - Soon. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

June 2014 - A daytime detail of the neon at the apex of the marquee. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

June 24, 2014 - The crowd lined up for the marquee relighting. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

June 24, 2014 - The marquee gets its closeup after Globe Proprietor Eric Chol hits the switch. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

June 24, 2014 - A soffit view. Blue jeans, anyone? Photo: Hunter Kerhart

2014 - Broadway at night before the theatre reopened. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

January 31, 2015 - South on Broadway - a telephoto shot taken during the first "Night on Broadway." The theatre was open for a free show that night but months of work on the project remained to be done. Photo: Wendell Benedetti - LAHTF Facebook page

The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is actively involved in the study and preservation of the vintage theatres in the L.A. area. The group maintains an archive and frequently supports events and offers tours of the buildings. | group Facebook page | official FB page

July 2015 - The new entrance doors. Thanks to Wendell Benedetti for his photo on the LAHTF Facebook page.

July 2015 - South on Broadway the weekend of the theatre's "soft opening." Thanks to Wendell Benedetti for his photo, one in an eight photo set on the LAFTF Facebook page.

July 2015 - The theatre's reopening concert. Thanks to Sean Ault for finding the photo. Also see a wider version of the photo.

2016 - The theatre's entrance from above. Photo: Bill Counter

2017 - Looking south on Broadway. Thanks to Sean Ault for his photo.

2017 - The building after the tenants were evicted from the storefronts. Thanks to Mike Hume for his photo.

Around the back:

2007 - A view of the stagehouse from Spring St. The star paint job was left over from a nightclub called Club Orion. Photo: Bill Counter

2010 - The look for Club 740. The stage door was the entrance to the club's space onstage and in the auditorium. Note that in addition to the loading door at center in the alley wall, there's a stage door over to the left. The fire escape above it serves the dressing rooms stacked stage left. At the top via a ladder is an exit from the grid. Photo: Bill Counter

2012 - The back of the Globe from Spring St. Above the stagehouse note the upper floors of the Garland Bldg. with its elevator penthouse on the right. Photo: Bill Counter

2013 - The view up the backwall. Photo: Hunter Kerhart

2013 - The stage entrance in the alley. This route leads directly onstage and was the main entrance for several nightclub operations. With the 2014 renovations by Erik Chol, the Broadway lobby was used as theatre's entrance for the first time since the 80s. It had been retail space since the theatre closed as a movie theatre in 1986. Photo: Hunter Kerhart. Thanks for all the great photos, Hunter!

2018 - Well, you can still go down the alley to look at the theatre but the unobstructed view from Spring St. is no more. Photo: Bill Counter

The exit passageway north of the theatre: 

At the end of the passage, looking toward Broadway. The red door is to the exit at the rear of the main floor house left. The black door straight ahead is the bottom of the north stairs to the 2nd balcony. The 2nd balcony stairs and side exits from both balconies all lead toward the alley -- there's no exiting to Broadway. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The exit from the house left 2nd balcony stairs. In addition to the interior stairs on either side, the second balcony had two exits on either side going to the fire escapes. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking toward the alley. The auditorium is on the right. Down beyond the chain link is the current electrical service gear -- replacing earlier installations in the basement. The red doors in the distance are exit doors to the alley. Above us you can see beams from the balcony fire escapes that have been chopped off. If we were to turn around 180 degrees and head toward Broadway, we would be looking at the interior stairway to the 2nd balcony. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

An abandoned stage door. The current stage level is up about a foot from the original. This doorway would have led us downstage right. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking back from the alley. Note the chopped off fire escapes overhead. In the foreground, those are tables left over from the Club 740 days. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

In the south exit passageway: 

The west end of the passage, looking toward Broadway. But there's no getting to Broadway froim here -- the retail spaces on the first floor of the office building are in the way. The auditorium is off to the right. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The bottom of the south stairs to the 2nd balcony. Let's go up to the 2nd balcony! See the earlier auditorium views page for many photos up there. It hasn't been open to the public since perhaps 1930. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Under the truncated fire escapes looking toward the alley. Thanks to Sandi Hemmerlein for her 2014 photo, one appearing with "The Globe Theatre Under Construction," her fine Avoiding Regret photo essay about her adventures crawling the theatre during a LAHTF "all-about" tour.

The door to the left gets you in at the rear of the main floor. The debris here at the time of the photo was from the demo of Club 740 stuff. The red doors go into the alley. Directly behind us are the south stairs up to the 2nd balcony. 

The south exit passageway after clearing out debris from the demo project. Thanks to Rebecca Reynoso of Cap Equity Locations [323-375-4192] for the 2014 photo. The firm brokers deals between property owners and those looking for filming locations or other special uses. The firm's Globe Theatre page has sixty photos to browse through.

Near the alley in an early phase of Erik Chol's construction project. Note the old boxoffice window for 2nd balcony patrons. We're looking toward Broadway. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking toward Broadway from the alley end of the passage. We're looking up at the two truncated fire escapes from the 1st and 2nd balcony exits. They weren't used in the club days of the venue.
That's the Chapman Building on the left. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The corner of the building near the alley. Note the spalled concrete -- much of which was caused by water damage from improperly maintained drains. We're looking up at dressing room windows closed off by previous tenants. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

On the roof: 

We're south of the Globe on the Chapman Building looking down to the theatre's roof. That's the Garland Building at the left, the front of the theatre's auditorium at center. At the right is the roof of the stagehouse. Photo: Cap Equity Locations - 2014

The view north toward the elevator penthouse on the Garland Building roof. Photo: Hunter Kerhart - 2014

On the auditorium roof looking down onto the roof at the back of the 2nd balcony. The windows are on the back of the Garland building. We're at the 4th floor level (that's numbered with 1 being the first office floor, not street level). Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The roof we're looking at in the foreground is that of the rear of the 2nd balcony. There's no attic above the rear portion -- it stops halfway back. At the right, with a sheet metal cover, note a lightwell going down to 3rd floor windows -- in the 70s that area was a Mexican wax museum. A doorway was cut from the 3rd floor into the 2nd balcony (and a few steps added) to use the south 2nd balcony stairwell as a fire exit. Originally there was no entrance to the auditorium from the office building.

Across the roof at the back of the second balcony. We're looking north with the back of the Garland Building at the left. At our right is the beginning of the attic over the auditorium. The beige wall beyond that vertical ventilator is the fan room for the auditorium exhaust fan. There's also a fan room above downstage left for stage and basement exhaust. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

North toward the fan room. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking southwest. That's the the Garland Building at the right and the Chapman Building on the left. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

On the auditorium roof looking west toward the fan room. The fan room sits atop the north stairs that go from the 2nd balcony down to the exit passageway. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The view over the north parapet wall. At the top we see the roof deck of the parking garage north of the theatre. We're looking down onto the 2nd balcony fire escape -- chopped off over on the right end. At the far right, the red doors go out to the alley. Out of the frame to the left of theatre explorers Katie and Hunter Kerhart is the ladder from the fire escape up to the fan room and roof. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The door into the fan room. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Auditorium exhaust: old fan, new motor. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Another angle on the auditorium exhaust fan. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Auditorium fan room electrical. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

On the auditorium roof looking northeast. That's the stagehouse at the right. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

Looking southeast toward the stagehouse and a fan room. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014 

On the stagehouse roof looking south toward the fan room. That fan room downstage left houses an exhaust fan for dressing rooms and the basement. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014

The fan room atop the stagehouse. Vandals (and pigeons) had been here. Photo: Bill Counter - 2014. Many thanks to Erik Chol for his hospitality in allowing access to explore all the areas of his theatre.

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